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I recently downloaded the ZERO app to see how it might be beneficial in motivating me to stay on track with my interval or intermittent fasting.

I liked that it was a quick sign up process, you don't need to go through a bunch of hoops before you get to start diving right in and using it.

The app is very simple to understand and it provides a great deal of information related to the fasting experience that I have found encourages me to stick with my goals and want to do more.

I don't always match my fasting goal, as you can see from the image below here, on a couple occasions I failed to reach my goal.


What I like about the app is

  • it keeps track of how long it has been since you fasted last
  • it tells you your average for the week
  • it keeps track of any fasting streak that you might be on
  • tells you what your longest fast has been
  • tells you how many hours total you've fasted over the last few days or weeks.

You can also enter your weight information to use it to try and track your weight loss goals as well.


Keeping track of this information by myself would require too much time and energy, this app has added a lot of convenience to my life for being able to keep track of the intermittent fasting.

There are a variety of fasting apps to try out there but this was the first one that got recommended to me that I bothered to tinker with.

Once you sign up and log in to the app you can choose from a variety of fasts that you might want to engage in.


They've got the 13 hour Circadian Rhythm fast, 16:8 intermittent, 18:6 intermittent, 20:4 intermittent, 36 hour fast, and the ability to do your own custom fast.

There are a variety of health benefits believed to be associated with intermittent fasting and I will admit that I do feel my best when I haven't spent the day, or past few days, eating everything that comes into my sight. When I schedule time to give my body that rest period I can definitely feel the results of that rest investment. I find great value in this app so far and will continue using, for anyone doing intermittent fasting that wants a little bit of help to keep track and motivated, I would recommend this app.


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I've used zero for a long time. It's a great, simple app for IF

it is quickly becoming a fave 👍

This looks good. I might have to take a look. :)