Hospitals Using Robots To Fight Germs, And Serve Food and Water To Patients

in technology •  6 days ago 

Hospitals around the United States, Canada, and other regions, are turning to robots to help them keep up the fight against germs and to serve patients.

This means using robots to clean the floor and disinfect rooms by using ultraviolet light.

Known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) robots, they are able to deep clean and carryout disinfection procedures around healthcare facilities.

In hospitals in places like India, "robot nurses" there are also being used to serve patients food and water.

From the first image above you can get a closer glimpse of what it looks like, but this isn't the only version that is on the market right now.

Hospital officials say that this is just another layer they are engaging in to try and keep their hospitals safe. They want cleaning and sanitization to be a priority and they are turning to more technology to help.

Also, for the patients that need their food and water they'd likely prefer to have it delivered this way then risk not getting it at all because of staffing issues or nurses being too busy to tend to their needs in a timely manner, bringing water etc, it has been known to happen. The hospital isn't a hotel and they aren't there to conduct timely room service. If the robots can help to get that food and water flowing to patients as it should then why not embrace it.

The robots are apparently able to sense how much UVC energy they need to use in order to kill pathogens or germs etc, and they can clean the room usually within 30 mins to an hour.


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