Driverless Trucks Making Deliveries in Texas

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Self-driving trucks and cars are already on the roadways and they are expected to transform a number of industries.

For long-haul trucking it is expected that within the coming years many of those positions will go to self-driving trucks and that might be a good thing for companies that have struggled to hire over the years, as long-haul trucking isn't an appealing position to many young people today. It isn't difficult to see why they might have issues recruiting seeing that those positions can require the workers to stay away from their friends, family, or loved ones, for extended periods of time traveling on the road. That cannot compete with many of the remote jobs that are so highly prized today.

The market for semi-autonomous trucks is expected to reach over 3k units within the next few years and the demand for driverless cars is growing.

Some driverless trucks are soon going to be making deliveries in Texas, around the Dallas region. Those driverless trucks will be starting in July and will be making deliveries to dozens of stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to Sam's Club stores.

How long before many other stores follow once they see that this program works?

It has been estimated that some one-third of long haul trucks will be semi-autonomous by 2025. If they are successful then they could ultimately replace hundreds of thousands of jobs around the country. But for trucking companies who have voiced concern about a shortage of truckers for years now this to them is a good thing that can strengthen the supply chain in numerous ways and make it more efficient. They have a bit of a journey yet though before they might become the dominant transportation option for goods across the US and elsewhere.



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