Demand Growing For Electric Micro-bikes

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We can find a growing variety available in models today for electric micro-bikes that are coming to the market and over the years the interest surrounding electric micro-bikes has been growing.

Some of those models might not have pedals like a traditional bike and they look more like a scooter, these bikes are meant to offer a more affordable and accessible electric vehicle style. They can fold up and be easily carried, making them highly convenient for working professionals and students etc who might want something they can take with them and easily store when it is not needed.

To address transportation costs and congestion in cities around the world we should expect to see authorities be quick to embrace changes like these with micro electric bikes. But even though cities around the US and elsewhere might be announcing lofty environmental and sustainability goals that doesn't mean they are going to be quick to embrace or understand the benefit of things like Uber or electric scooters.

We have seen them crackdown on those tools despite the benefits that they might offer as far as green transportation and more cost effective options for consumers. The freedom of choice for transportation options also doesn't seem to be much of a meaningful question either.

The electric micro bikes are growing in demand but it might be awhile before they are going to be accepted in many cities around the country and elsewhere. Authorities have also reminded the public repeatedly that they shouldn't be operating those alternative modes of transportation, like electric scooters, when they are under the influence either.

With the high cost of gas today that many are paying around the US and elsewhere we can't be surprised if people go looking for cheaper transportation options. That might have some looking at scooters and bikes and there is a great opportunity for a mix of electric bikes, micro electric bikes, electric scooters etc, to help fill that void and offer better transportation options.



And thus, we see that the "save the environment" movement is complete bullshit.

The most energy efficient way for a person to get around is an electric bicycle.
The most energy efficient way for four people to get around is an electric car four electric bicycles.

The technology of an electric bicycle is such that any engineering type person can throw one together.
TPTshouldn'tB don't want that.

What they want is a car that they can monitor, and if necessary, control remotely.
They want electric vehicles because, the charge controllers can be controlled.
Not paying your taxes? Well, your car doesn't charge.

That is the dreams of those pushing electric vehicles.
It is not about saving any fuel. (burn it in the car or in the power plant...)
It is all about control.

But the electric bicycle is just hands down better for the people.
And so, i see so many places baulking at their adoption.

LOL we think a lot alike. Seems to be the agenda though. It's the only thing that makes sense too. Crazy times we're living in!


I used one of these last summer as a primary means of transportation.
It was a mid powered bike that didn't attract any crazy attention but definitely did not look like an ordinary pedal bike.

I read plenty online about them before purchasing one, regarding laws for operation , speed limits, etc. I discovered it's more restrictive in Europe but in the US laws are pretty laxed, loose, early in legislation, etc. but there are (unenforced here) laws in place currently.

I live in a mid size city in New York, the cops never bothered me a single time, even riding alongside them wearing no helmet or anything going the road speed limit, which is not a law to operate them despite angry drivers screaming out of their windows that I was breaking the law :D
I would usually tell them they should go read the law before screaming misinfo out their windows.

Infrastructure (bike lanes with stop lights) have been being built here for the past couple of years and some are fully operational with the lights.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, especially in conjunction with some foreseen undesirable changes occurring in the world.

They even have E-bike rentals available in my city now, and have for a while.

It has an "own nothing and be happy with your little rented E-bike" vibe to it if you ask me.

Thank you for the thought provoking article.