Crackdown On Dissent in Russia After Anti-State Messages Go Viral on TikTok

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Young people in Russia have reportedly been using social media platforms like TikTok to spread their anti-state messages that have been critical of Vladimir Putin.

Young people in Russia are also more likely to get their news information from alternative sources, not state media operations, as many people are in the U.S. and other countries nowadays.

It's alleged that earlier this year The Kremlin approached Chinese authorities about anti-government content that was being posted on TikTok, and the amount of content on that front has reportedly declined since then.

Opposition seems to be growing.

But there is an environment of fear, fueled by the recent crackdown on activists there and the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny who released an investigative video into an alleged castle property that was built with tax payer dollars for Putin.

Allies of the opposition leader have shut down their Russia offices and urged that the crackdown is making it impossible for them to operate.

The state is regarding those supporters as extremist and we know that they are willing to take severe action to maintain the "national security" interests of the region.

After the arrest of the opposition leader Russia did face sanctions and as a result they too have recently blacklisted several EU officials in retaliation.

Many people are scared of speaking out but they aren't stopping, even if they know they are risking their well-being to do it. To them their freedom and their freedom of speech is too much to sit silently and allow it to be silenced.

Now the lawyer for Navalny has also recently been arrested in Moscow, and the crackdown on dissent around the country continues. U.S. government officials have already called on Russia to cease this crackdown on what they say is an attack to independent voices in the country.


I understand that a few months ago a fine was imposed on the social network Tik Tok for not deleting pro Navalny messages. What power does the government have to get foreign social networks to block messages in support of the opposition, the same thing happened with twitter, the question is will they succeed in silencing the population?

I would not like to see an unstable Russia... they have nuclear weapons and they know that if the protests continue they will end up being invaded by NATO and if that is close to happening it is nuclear war.