Basecamp Sees a Third of Workers Quit Over Ban on Talking Politics At Work

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A number of employees at Basecamp have recently quit because of a ban on being able to talk politics while at work.

There are dozens of employees that have quit so far after the announcement was made.

Basecamp is a software company that has established this new policy that is looking to try and stop political discussions from happening in the work place.

They could make that move as a business if they want but it might backfire and cause some employees to quit and look elsewhere, where they can have that freedom of speech. And that is what we see happening now.

Is there a growing trend in corporate culture today where CEOs are banning workplace discussions?

Some worry that it might grow to include other businesses in the future.

In a poll that asked whether people thought this move was appropriate or not, overwhelmingly about 60 per cent voted yes and about 28.9 per cent voted no. While you are in the work place many understand that you perhaps wouldn't want to be subject to unwanted political rants.

Seeing as a majority are fine with it then they might not have any issue hiring new employees to take the place of those who left. Although hiring around the U.S. right now is proving difficult for various industries.

Some say that this new move from Basecamp is just one more in a troubling trend that is trying to silence people and their freedom of speech. It has prompted a further discussion of whether or not employers should ban political discussions in the work place.

In a market that is already difficult to hire in and find good employees, companies might just make it all the more harder for themselves to find the right people if they have these sorts of speech policies in place. However, there are many who would be likely willing to go along with it, despite the recent jump of employees from the Basecamp ship.


Wow, read the original article about it, which you've also mentioned here, and I am pro not using company's platforms for personal opinions. Although I think that I've been lucky enough to have had work environments, where I was able to freely state my opinion. Of course not the whole day and not with everyone, but is wasn't banned.

I do know that some people, especially those government employees, or those who work for businesses that get a lot of work from the government, can't freely state their opinions.

That's crazy banning people from political discussions, imagine if employees are talking crypto. You probably get fired same day 😃

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I used to throw parties at a club called Basecamp back in the good ole days, lol! Other than that, never heard of it. Sounds like people need to calm their tits and just work. In my opinion, politics don’t belong in the workplace anyway. People just want a scandal these days. It’s sad.

That seems nuts to me, like something out of the dark ages.

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