kinda forgot (atted mo zougen en atted mo klougen-)

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i barely booted it up until recently but with steem under TENCENT pffff ....

i think i used to dis-able the pageing b/c windows had the nasty habit of just loading MORE when it wasn't, it feels like what i'm experiencing now after inserting double the amount of RAM and a cpu that runs 400x cp. to the previous one , it's like whinedos suddenly gets the idea it can load everything

and i still don't see the part where i can choose my install to be "steam-dows" only tweaked b/c that's all i need really, i run every single other application on linux and linux runs it WAY faster, updates faster, more frequently, reboots faster shuts down faster (today windows as like updating for like 90 fucking minutes ??!+?)

maybe that's all normal and the answer to all problems is "just add another GIG or a few petabytes of ssd and a double Xeon that's all you need to do but seeing as linux is a fully functional system where i can have like 16 desktops without glitching (on my previous system) and this takes 3 to 5 minutes to start up the nvidia overlay while gaming (the games run FINE , that's not it, but they run exactly the same fine as BEFORE i spent a month's money on upgrades)

so the last resort would always be :

use at your own discretion ...

get ccleaner, disable all startup (like ALL of it) or you get stuck with that thing that looks like its booted but all you have is a splash screen and its loading everything AFTER it displays that ..

turn off all the shiney's OR

if you have daddymoney

buy 128GB ddr5, 2 xeon's and an RTX-raid and wait for a game to support it ... there's always that :)

tsch , initial scan, after about one week i have only 264 trackers and 2gb of junk files ... i guess that's ... ? is that acceptable in 2019 i been out of the running a while ..

89 registry issues plus 25 registry issues plus 3 registry issues plus 2 registry issues (don't ask me why but the first run never gets it all ...)

but im quite sure DWS is NOT a hack as it does not provide serials or anything it just DIS-ables tracking and telemetry (and afaik , at least in the EU Microshyte won't have a zit to say in that - BUT ... disabling all that might lead to some future instance in which micrudsoft finds a way to tell you "we can't apply this or that" (b/c you blocked their 500 spy servers ... a.o.)

that's a near-to-fresh install barely a week old with NOTHING on it but Steam-Valve and some games ...

but that's normal i guess and the answer is "buy a l33t rig, peasant !" ? probably ... but what if i AM that peasant ? then its more like euh, STAY TO THE MILKING OF THE COWS, NORMIE !
read the whitepaper to yo momma and all that , right ?

right ... i can see by the price that worked so far

it's the only thing in the world i know other than pyramid schemes where you have to buy-in for the right to market your own share while the corporation doesn't lol

GUD WELL THEN, we should all work HARD for the whale !

it's been a money-pit so far ... i'm kinda hard pressed to spend next month's copper on it again

gimme a reason that says not "i was a rich boy before and YOU SHOULD MAKE ME MONEY, PLEB?"


always ..

well, disabled pagefile and all it seems to react just a little faster


PS4 : 8 gb ram
Xbox One : 8gb (DDR 3 <-!!!!!!!!)

my peasant-rig : 16 GB (ddr 4) ... used to play the same games ...

hm ?

booting to the desktop faster, steam starts up faster ... now

scrap that, steam starts up about the same speed, it just looked faster b/c it wasn't booting together with five other startups

warhammer still takes its sweet time to boot (mind you i dont have an ssd drive in windows i think that would be a total waste just to play games and booting times really aint my concern prime .. primal concern ? ...

nvidia overlay ...

takes 1-2 seconds i.o. 3 to 5 minutes ? hmz

83 fps in the castle hall (yea i know its not THE cutting game but i'm a pleb with a peasant-rig , remember ? i know i have not the right to game unless i overkill ... but NO GAME USES 64GB , dearie ...)

60 fps while loading ...

extreme settings yes (well its not call of duty 20, yes indeed i know ... but i dont game much anymore i just have a fit on windows , faildos whinedos and the fact that there's no boot-to-game mode or 'buy the windows gamer version for €25 b/c all that shit you dont need has been stripped)

conclusion : pagefile is still made of lose ... and

fps stays nice between 80 and about upper 50 (which is twice what the human eye needs ... there's a league of legends about all of it but that's 90% salesforce AGAIN ... don't get me wrong i would LOVE me a dual intel i20 and four nvidia RTX 9700++X cards in a machine , and about 512gb of ddr5 but in the end it wouldn't make one iota other than to render 3d or videos ... and 1080p vs 4k lol

AND ... i might be a linux groupie but stating windows is POS-ware does not attack YOU because you have it ... it IS POS-ware for what it costs ... i don't get to tweak it and it wants to track even my key tap behaviour (and i hear the next version actually mousemoves and basically wants to stream the desktop from Azure ... (meaning you dont own ANYTHING anymore and if they say 'flip' the button

its windows over ... so YEA THATS THE COMPLAINT , and with the current steemprice i think i should have bought plague tale and sekiro instead of steem ...

god's dam motherfucking (my videos are NOT for kids , youtube asked, i told them just to be sure ...
but there's no nipples in it ... if steem stays low i'll still work on the game and the sites when i feel like it but i'll probably game a lot more again, it's less frustrating than to watch my money grow to zero from wherever

gud ... i was cleaning house, right ...

right yea i was

my broom broke ... Murphy is real .. and out there ....

now what ?