Fleet Delivery Driver Management Software


Benefits of a Driver Management System


Delivery driver management software is designed to optimize the driver's workload and improve driver productivity. It integrates all aspects of a driver's day-to-day tasks, from scheduling pickups to checking inventory and handling driver communications. The system automates many driver management functions such as receiving and driver payment, driver tracking, driver scheduling, driver communication, driver dispatch, and driver data entry. This program is easy to use for both customers and drivers. It can be hosted on a CD-ROM in the driver's office or remotely through a web interface.

In a time when driver scheduling and distributing are vital components of an effective driver management software system, trucking companies must be even more efficient in their operations. Scheduling too few pickups or deliveries can lead to inefficiency and loss of customer confidence. On the other hand, delivering too many pickups or deliveries can cause excess wear and tear on vehicles, resulting in driver delays. Driver monitoring systems can track driver activities such as speed, quality of service, number of miles driven per day, and average driver earnings. This allows trucking companies to ensure that drivers are meeting company policy standards and are producing excellent driver productivity. Read More