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For all of you 3D imaging fans out there, here is a clip of a new technology that assists in marine life research.


Is an ocean exploration company that has a huge following on YouTube! I am sure that we will be able to see more of them around here.

The new technology is part of a system called "Beastcam."

A process of filming underwater life from all angles.

They essentially make a 3D imaging scan of the object/subject, and they form a highly detailed image. The main objective is to study these marvelous creatures up close, without the risk of being intrusive. This same image can be printed on a 3D printer or used as a live model.

In fact, the 3D model of this shark is offered by OceanX to the general public.
Available at:
Sketchfab App, under the name #OceanX.

This technology was pioneered by Duncan Irshick and his team to study Tiger sharks. Mr. Irschick is the Director of the Digital Life Project, which offers their research results free to the general public. This means there will be much more models available soon.

Duncan Irschick is an evolutionary ecologist and functional morphologist in the field of animal athletics, more specifically known as animal performance. He has worked on many kinds of animal species, including reptiles and amphibians, rodents, ungulates, spiders, and humans.
-Excerpt from his Wikipedia page.

Noteworthy links:

The Digital Life Project


OceanX YouTube channel


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Howdy sir deepwaters! What an interesting company and interesting work that they do! I haven't heard anything about 3D printing for awhile but it looks like they are still being developed and used. " functional morphologist" I have no idea what that is. lol.

That is quite a mouthful. I guess the idea is that they studying how animals move and displace themselves. I can see this technology as having a lot of potential.

I was forced to learn a new word today! lol. Very interesting and thanks for the explanation. I can just see the look on people's faces if I told them that I was a functional morphologist! lol.