Facebook Overlords, spare me.

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Image taken from Ars-Technica's article.

Recently, I read on Ars Technica that Facebook was considering brining some changes to Oculus. Just as a note who don't keep track of technology, especially VR (Virtual Reality) but in the recent years, it has been gaining quite some traction with the prices of VR headsets (basically what you see in the image) have been dropping. One of the companies spearheading this change with affordable headsets was Oculus, funnily enough, Oculus was bought by Facebook a couple of years ago.

Now here's the kicker. Facebook has announced that to use any Oculus VR Headset that you paid quite a sum to purchase, you will need to login with your Facebook account. Huh? A VR Headset, filled with cameras. Basically a portable monitor and camera system, will need online activation. With Facebook even!

As a technology and gaming enthusiast, this scares me a lot. I am aware that even our phones are basically 24/7 tracker devices that we have, but then, if you own an Android, you can basically tinker with it however you want. Including the core OS to ensure you are not being tracked, it's probably won't be 100% privacy, but it should be close.

However, giving a company like Facebook, which is known for its personal data tracking, even worse than Google, access to my potential VR headset, which has built-in cameras and microphones. Scares me.

Unfortunately, the other options are Valve and HTC, HTC's recent announcements unfortunately hint at closing down the whole VR division while Valve... it just costs a lot.

Facebook overlords, do you really need my cat's nudes that much? Who uses Facebook anyways?

end of ranting about Facebook


Article from Ars Technica


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