A thought about Apple and their WWDC 2020

in #technology2 years ago

I just finished watching the WWDC 2020. I must say I am amazed by the features of the all-new OS's they announced. While most features of the iPhone that were announced were available on Android for a long time, I must admit that as a long-time Android user I haven't seen them stable at all.

Though of course, the biggest announcement was Apple's switch to ARM. This has been coming for a long time, that's for sure. But I have to admit that I did not expect Rosetta 2 which Apple claims will have near-seamless transition to the ARM platform from x86. While this is very... interesting. It also makes me happy to know that more and more companies will start making their software optimized for MacOS hence in return, for ARM platform. We could see games, real games (I am talking triple A) start to get released on MacOS with the new GPU engine and stuff they have. Of course, these would also benefit other ARM platforms as well. Chromebooks, SoCs, hell even Raspberry Pi could benefit from programs being natively released for ARM, just to cater the MacOS community.

Though one thing was mind-boggling for me quite a while. I don't know if any of my small base of followers have checked Linus Tech Tips's latest video regarding cooling the Macbook Air. Has Apple been deliberately limiting the performance of all the Macbooks released in the past couple of years just for this switch? I can assume that the development of ARM platform and all the things necessary for the transition from Intel > Apple SoC should've been in development for about... at least 5 years? It is definitely not something you can do in just a year or two. Was that the reason for the incremental upgrades regarding everything? iPhones, Macs, other Apple products... was that the reason for not seeing any considerable upgrade when compared to the previous iteration... was it because they put all their money and engineers on this?

I don't know. Though I must say that I am really happy with the ARM development. Better battery life, better performance... and maybe, maybe for a cheaper price than the current ones.

Just my two cents.

Anyone who stumbles upon this post, let me know what you think about the announcement(s).


The new iOS 14
The new MacOS, Big Sur
Apple's switch from Intel to ARM-based Apple silicon

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Was that today? Damn I missed it.

It ended about an hour ago. Here You can just watch it again as a long video rather than live. Some "summaries" exist in sites like 9to5mac and MacRumours, I think.

I'm gonna wait for the summaries. Only WWDC I really watched was 2 years ago.

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