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RE: Why does restarting your computer/ phone work most of the time?

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I was from IT background. When I was an in house technician, I solve my users problem by asking them to turn off everything, and turn on everything just like the moment they came to work in the morning. And yes, like you said it usually solve the problem every single time 🤣 but if the user said she came to work in the morning, it already not working, then I know I need to go there and see if the unit is on fire already 🤣

Avoid reading this if you do not know what is MS-DOS. But here's the story

However, there's one time I asked the client type WIN, then open the window to see if the note pad is there... The next thing I heard from the phone was 3 key stroke, and then a handle or level actuate sound, then white noise from the street. The person said there's only a janitor downstairs, no notepad.

Apparently, the autoexec.bat was damaged, after booting from MS-DOS it didn't load into windows 3.1 😪


I used to know a fair bit about MS DOS but most of that knowledge is long gone. I would go into department stores and pull up a DOS prompt and type format C: then giggle as I walked away.