Flacked: AI That write Ads, E-mail, Blogs & Summarize Long Content

in #technology2 months ago

Time is more valuable than any other resource we have. There's no bringing more time. You're not making more time. We all have same hours, minutes & seconds. Some tasks are too complex to automat with simple software. Many of these were treated as "Human Jobs" by many.

Machin learnings brings a change to that. Now a single person can do the work of few. We still need the human. Doesn't mean we need a lot of them anymore. AI has been like what tractors and farm machines has been for farming.

With power of #technology few humans can achieve what used to require a small army. Even small teams and companies now have a chance at going against big players in making generic content!


Flacked has most of your bases covered. I've seen a new feature I haven't seen among other similar AI. You can summarize long texts using Flacked! Normally you only see ways to turn a sentence into paragraph. Now we have it other way around. I can see tis become a super useful feature!

What You Pay

There are annual plans for those who commit big very fast. You get yourself 50 credit free. No credit cards needed. It's a really cool Ai companion to have. you can try out and see if it's good enough. If you keep trying you can get lots of free credits from different AI tools like this and figure out the best ones in the process.



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