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RE: An Accidental Luddite With A Broken Money Maker

in #technology9 months ago

Hey there, Friend,

I resemble many of your remarks...

My MacBook (circa 2014) is in dire straits - touchpad no longer 'clicks,' the battery is badly swollen, and the keys (which OUGHT to be double-shot injection molded) have the letters worn off of them from much good use.

Nevertheless, despite serious disappointment with and misgivings about several things Apple, I purchased another MacBook (this time an Air, with the new M1 chip).

It's been mostly OK so far, though Text Edit crashes!!! (pretty scary that they can't even seem to get that basic utility program right, and won't respond to crash complaints).

Even so, the Air is pretty much the only game in town for a fan-less, long-battery-life, ultra light weight portable.

Eric, here's hoping you have a great break, and that you enjoy your new MacBook Air. :)




Wow, you got one more year out of yours! I own a 2010 too that I never sold or traded in. It doesn't hold a charge anymore but the keyboard works perfectly. If I could combine my 2010 and the 2015 I'd have a perfectly functioning laptop!

The Air is such a good value. If you're stuck in the Apple ecosystem I don't think there's a better choice unless you're a hardcore gamer or video editor. Did you spring for the 8 Core/16gb memory? Kind of scary that you're having an issue with Text Edit.

Thanks @creatr. Good to hear from you! Take care of yourself.