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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

Breathing hydrogen?

Sounds like madness, you say?

Based on much research and the experience of others, breathing hydrogen does make you crazy... Crazy like a fox!

If you've just come across this article, you'll want to read the earlier articles in this series (linked here):

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After futilely wishing for a Brown's gas machine like this for several years, but being priced out of the market, I suddenly realized there was no reason why I couldn't assemble the components and build my own at a fraction of the retail price. I have done that, and this series of articles is the story of how (and partly why) I did it. While this is not a "How To" series, if you are keen to try this technology and if you are reasonably skilled with your hands, you should be able to imitate what I've done.

In this installment, I'll tell you what features of the AquaCure® AC50 I've chosen to copy, which features I've set aside (and why), and also some improvements I've implemented.

This short YouTube video of Tywon Hubbard from H2HUBB offers a nice introductory glimpse of the AC50:

Tywon Hubbard Unboxes an AC50   ~   Courtesy of H2 HUBB

The AC50 is an adaptation by George Wiseman of an industrial machine manufactured in China.

George is a very bright fellow,

and justifiably proud of his AquaCure® machine design, particularly the safety features it incorporates. He has also been very open about the machine and its features. You can read about the AquaCure® AC50 by following this embedded link. In fact, if you want to start breathing Brown's Gas for your health right now, you can order a machine "off-the-shelf" from Eagle-Research.

If you're following my progress and thinking about building a machine yourself, I can't urge you strongly enough to read all about the AquaCure® AC50. George and Eagle-Research have published a great deal of information about how that system works. In order to have the greatest possible understanding of both the risks and rewards of breathing Brown's gas, please do your own homework.

By studying George's writings,

as well as published images and videos of the AC50, I've been able to a great extent to reverse-engineer and deduce how he's accomplished his conversion of a basic VING acrylic polisher machine into a relatively safe device that can (if you're careful and at your own risk) be used for health enhancement.

Note: I have not examined an AquaCure® AC50 in person, and therefore my description of how it works is pure speculative inference on my part.

AC50 Components and Functions

There are a number of design elements in the AC50 that have been included for safety and user interface reasons. These include an electrical pressure sensor that turns off gas production when the internal pressure exceeds about 2 PSI, and a mechanical pressure relief valve that actuates at about 3 PSI. The system also incorporates both high and low electrolyte fluid level sensors with LED indicators and electrical shutoffs.

The AC50 also features a novel "Tower Cap" that helps to minimize the amount of lye that may exit the electrolyzer tank, a lye-scrubbing humidifier chamber, an anti-backfill valve to prevent water from the bubbler being sucked back into the electrolyzer tank, and a second bubbler for enriching drinking water with hydrogen and oxygen.

The AC50 has three major electronic/electromechanical devices added:

The pulse-width modulation controller is used to adjust the amount of power delivered to the electrolyzer tank. It creates a train of pulses of a user-settable frequency and duty cycle. The frequency is possibly of some importance if—as many now believe—certain tones (solfeggio frequencies) can be beneficial to health. More important for this application, the duty cycle—which determines the pulse width—can be set to adjust the amount of gas that the electrolyzer produces.

The on/off timer simply acts as an "automatic shutoff" device. This could be important if one were to wish to sleep while breathing the gas output while not worrying about the fluid level in the tank becoming too low. It may also be particularly important during early stages of hydrogen therapy when there may be the possibility of a "Herxheimer reaction" from inhaling the gas.

The hour meter is present to log how much "effective time" the machine has run. Other than one's own curiosity, the primary purpose for this is to provide the user with an objective measure of when to drain, rinse, and re-fill the electrolyzer tank for maintenance purposes.

Tywon Hubbard Demonstrates an AC50   ~   Courtesy of H2 HUBB

Evaluation, modification, and improvement.

After thinking about the purpose of those three major components, I realized that I could replace all three functions (gas volume control, operation timing, and operating time logging) with a single, modestly priced commodity microcomputer: the BBC Micro:Bit. Early in my Whaleshares blog, I introduced you to this very small, very capable little computer. The micro:bit also provides me with an adequate user interface, and—most importantly to me—the ability to program and modify the behavior of the system to suit myself.

For you microcomputer junkies out there—almost any contemporary microcomputer (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Onion, etc., etc.) has the oomph to do this job, so don't feel constrained to use a Micro:Bit. If you happen to have on hand or be more familiar with another microcontroller, use it.

Having said that, do feel free to get a Micro:Bit (or two!) for this purpose, as I plan to publish a simple source code example that can be used to make this go.


The BBC micro:bit... ~ Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Summary of AC50 Features:

Here's a list summarizing the major features of the AC50 machine. I've checked the ones (☑) that I have chosen to copy, left the checkbox blank (☐) next to features I may implement in the future, and 'X'd (☒) the features that I may never use.

  • ☑Gas Volume Adjustability
  • ☑Gas Production Indicator
  • ☑Adjustable Pulse Frequency
  • ☑Over-Pressure Relief Valve (~3 PSI)
  • ☑Proportional Operating Hour Logging Meter
  • ☑Adjustable Run Timer
  • Tower Cap Pre-Scrubber (minimizes electrolyte ejection/loss)
  • ☑Lye-Scrubbing Humidifier/Bubbler(s)
  • Water Enrichment Bubbler(s)
  • ☑Anti-Backfill Valve
  • ☐Pressure Sensor/Electrical Shutoff
  • ☐Automatic Low Fluid Level Shutoff
  • ☐Automatic High Fluid Level Shutoff
  • ☐Timed Shutoff of Main Power
  • ☒Fluid Refill During Operation
  • ☒Usable as a fuel torch

Why have I left some things out?

I've either left out, or temporarily delayed, implementation of some of the features that are present in the AC50. How do I justify setting aside the indicated functions?

First of all, I have no intention at this time of using the machine as a fuel torch. If I really need one, I'll just save my nickels and dimes and buy another VING machine specially for that purpose. I don't ever want to have any sparks or open flames around a machine I intend to use for health reasons. Consequently, I really don't need an electrical pressure shut-off switch. I'll always and only be running this machine "open loop," allowing the gas to exit freely.

What if a hose gets kinked or pinched under a chair? In that eventuality, the mechanical ~3 PSI pressure relief valve will prevent overpressure. As the electrolyzer tank is originally intended to run at about 20 PSI and to shut off at about 40 PSI, and as the Tower Cap is made of schedule 40 PVC rated for about 160 PSI, I am quite confident that 3 PSI or so is very safe.

But what about the fluid level shut-offs?

Conversion of water into HHO, even when the machine is operating at full capacity of about 55 liters of gas per hour, will only consume about 1/4 liter—about the difference between electrolyzer tank upper and lower operating levels—over the course of nine or ten hours. I have been experimenting with some non-invasive level sensing techniques that I hope eventually to incorporate, but it seems quite reasonable to me, at least for the time being, to simply always visually check and adjust the fluid level before turning on the power.

If I ever get to the point where I wish to breathe HHO while asleep, I may add a solid-state relay to be able to shut off input mains power when a timer expires, but the Micro:Bit already shuts off gas production by timer, and I feel that is adequate for now.

As we'll see in the next installment in this series, I also have no need to inject water into the Tower Cap, either while the machine is running, or between runs, as I have an alternate fill method.

The illustration below is a schematic diagram of my version of the HHO for health machine, which I have provisionally titled the "Fountain Of Youth" machine. The schematic includes both pressure sensor and level sensors, though I have not as yet built them.


Fountain of Youth Wiring Diagram ~   Original image by @creatr

Until next time,

if you find the subject of hydrogen therapy fascinating, you'll enjoy Dr. Joseph Mercola's interview of Tyler W. LeBaron, the director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. You'll find much to stimulate your thinking and to suggest additional paths for you to research.

The Remarkable Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen   ~   Courtesy of Dr. Mercola

Thanks for reading!

As always, please stay tuned; there is much more to come...


I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional of any kind. This series of articles describes my very individual, personal quest to investigate credible reports of the benefits of breathing hydrogen and oxygen gas, drinking hydrogen enriched water, and applying hydrogen and oxygen gas to weakened or diseased body parts. The devices I am building, the tools and materials I am using, and the gases I expect them to produce, are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening if used carelessly. Should you choose to use any of this information, do so only with the most serious care taken for safety. Any use made of this information is entirely at your own risk. I am not in any way responsible.

AquaCure® is a trademark of Eagle Research.



Water, the stuff of life.   ~   Image courtesy of urformat

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You are such a smart person and I'm always impressed with your projects. This is a very interesting concept. I just stopped by to say hi and thank you for stopping by during my absence to write me some messages! You're a good friend here and it was nice to see I was remembered while I was gone.

You're hard to forget...

Too many adventures together with Marx the Rabbit! :D

Thanks for letting me know you're OK. :D

I'm excited by this hydrogen stuff, and greatly looking forward to seeing how it affects/improves our health. ;)

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Fascinating! I love how your mind works, friend. The exclusions you mentioned from the original design make sense. Curious to see what else you have to share in this series. Thank you for the interview with Tyler Lebaron. Started to work my way through that.

Thanks Lydon...

I've listened to that interview "in background mode," but need to re-listen with full attention and a means of taking notes. Probably the most interesting portion is a discussion about what appears to be a need for intermittent application of the gas for best outcome...

I am looking forward to when you are your Mrs start using it and how you feel, You could be a new man after using it :)

Thanks, Karen! That's what I'm hoping for... ;)

Look forward to reading about it :)

Interesting to read and watch. Thanks @creatr

Thank you, Troy! :)