"Fountain of Youth" - Inside an Acrylic Polishing Machine

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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

Can you imagine breathing hydrogen?

I'm well down the path to building a machine that produces Brown's Gas for my wife and I to breathe.

I know; you're having visions of a Hindenburg-class epic catastrophe, right? If so, you may want to read the other installments of my strange tale:

Series Index

Being exposed for the first time to the idea of breathing hydrogen may tend to make your head explode. However, if done properly it won't make you explode. Breathing hydrogen in therapeutic amounts, and applying it topically to ailing portions of your body, has been shown to be highly beneficial to your health.

Here's what I started with...

Imported from China, I purchased this portable acrylic polishing machine machine on Amazon.com:


Brown's Gas Electrolyzer;~   Image source: Amazon

The supplier delivered the machine quite promptly (faster than the Amazon estimate). There was some very minor damage during shipping, but no need to return it.

The YouTube video below had given me my first peek at the inside of a very similar machine, so I knew what to expect. While it wasn't exactly identical to the machine I purchased, it is a very close cousin:

In this 3rd article of my "How I Did It" series,

I'll share what I've learned about the H160 machine I purchased.

How did I learn it? The same way I've learned how things work ever since I was a boy—I learn by reading, and I learn even more by taking things apart.

Let's tear into this beast!

The shiny blue sheet metal cover is held in place with a dozen screws; four on either side, and four on top that also attach the carrying handles.

A plastic collar pretties things up and keeps the neck of the tank from rubbing against the cover.


The cover is easily removed. ~   Image by the author.

No system would be complete, of course, without the archetypical amusingly translated warning label affixed to the cover! We will be sure not to place messily when burning!


Warning! Don't laugh at this translation. ~   Image by the author.

One side of the machine houses a power supply. It is separated from the other side by what I would call a sheet metal firewall. Power supply output cables and a pair of pressure switch cables pass through two grommeted holes in the firewall.


Power Supply Side. ~   Image by the author.

At the back of the case, a fan is positioned so as to blow cooling air across both the power supply and the electrolyzer tank. There is also a standard three prong receptacle for a power cord.

The power supply is mounted to the firewall with four machine screws. It seems to me that no effort has been spared to reduce costs in this device; wherever possible, sheet metal screws or rivets are used, and even the machine screws are threaded directly into the sheet metal without using nuts.


System Power Supply. ~   Image by the author.

The power supply seems to be an off-the-shelf 25v 10 amp supply. Open circuit, it reads about 28v output; I have not yet measured it under load, although the ammeter suggests that the current output is somewhat higher than the rating.

The barrier strip at the right end of the circuit board has the standard hot, neutral, and ground connections and a negative and positive DC output connected to the tank. There are plug-in connectors for an ammeter mounted in the front panel and for the fan at the back.

The main power switch is a Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) illuminated switch that disconnects the incoming hot and neutral wires.


DPST Power Switch. ~   Image by the author.

In the image above, the RED and BLACK wires connected to the bottom of the switch come from the power input socket. The grey wire on the top goes through the overpressure safety switch and back to the neutral input on the supply so that power is cut off if the hydroxy gas pressure reaches too high a threshold. A light inside the switch comes on when the switch is in the ON position.


The Tank and Plumbing Side. ~   Image by the author.

The other side of the firewall is surprisingly simple. There is a stainless steel tank with two electrode connections at the top. The neck of the tank has four openings. The top opening is the largest, with a screw-off lid for filling the tank. Below that is a female threaded opening into which the pressure safety switch is screwed. Next down is an externally threaded compression fitting for a small diameter (.170" I.D. 1/4" O.D.) polyethylene output tube for the HHO gas. At the bottom of the neck is a slightly larger compression fitting (3/16" I.D. 5/16" O.D.). There is another identical fitting near the bottom of the tank.


Fluid level sight tube. ~   Image by the author.

Attached to the two larger fittings is a 15" length of tubing that is held in place on the front panel by a plastic fitting. This is the sight-tube, used to visually monitor the level of fluid in the tank.

The other end of the small tube connects to a pass-through fitting into a stainless steel bubbler chamber mounted on the front panel.


H160 System Wiring Schematic. ~   Image by the author.

The function of all this should be fairly clear from this description and the schematic diagram I've drawn of the electrical system. When the tank is filled to the correct level with an appropriate electrolyte solution and power is applied, the system produces Brown's Gas.


Specification label. ~   Image by the author.

According to this specification label on the back of the machine, the unit will produce 75 liters of HHO gas per hour. I've done a very preliminary test that seems to indicate the output is closer to 60 liters per hour, but my test involved passing the gas through several stages of bubbling, and my timing and setup still need refining. All in all, I am pleased with what I have seen so far.

Stay tuned!

We'll be back soon with details about changes made to re-purpose this machine for health and safety.

However, if you want a hydroxy for health machine right now, you can purchase a good one from George Wiseman of Eagle Research . George sells a ready-to-use HHO machine, although to avoid being raided by tyrannical government forces, he cannot explicitly recommend it for health purposes...

So much for American health freedom, right?


I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional of any kind. This series of articles describes my very individual, personal quest to investigate credible reports of the benefits of breathing hydrogen and oxygen gas, drinking hydrogen enriched water, and applying hydrogen and oxygen gas to weakened or diseased body parts. The devices I am building, the tools and materials I am using, and the gases I expect them to produce, are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening if used carelessly. Should you choose to use any of this information, do so only with the most serious care taken for safety. Any use made of this information is entirely at your own risk. I am not in any way responsible.



Water, the stuff of life.   ~   Image courtesy of urformat

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Oh my word! My friend, I am not gonna lie, you wouldn't like that and it would be disingenuous so I am just gonna come out and say it...

I have no idea what goes on inside your head and I could not even hope to understand it but ya know something?

I bloody love it!

As I read with ever increasing incredulity, I could only envision you as Doc Brown from back to the future, frantically looking for the flux capacitor then you confirmed it for me...

the system produces Brown's Gas.

I knew it!!!

I love the idea that you thrive off a project like this and I gotta admit is waaay more exciting than jigsaws, Sudoku puzzles or cross stitching cats on to quilts and so I gotta say, Go you!

May 2020 be the year you take on the big projects that quell that desire within, the year you kick the ass of your goals and the year you find fun, friends and fulfillment in great abundance. To you and yours from me and mine :)


It was a delightful surprise to hear from you here.

Thanks for your kind encouragement; I am quite far along on the project now, though I've been so busy I have not had the time for more installments in my reports... Hopefully I'll be writing more soon.

But of greatest importance: PLEASE read my other message under your latest post on your Steemit blog. You need something I have for you, my friend... Please get back to me ASAP... :D



I've never heard of breathing hho for health reasons. Isn't it very combustible?

Posted using Partiko Android

HHO is safe and non-combustible at concentrations of 4% or less hydrogen in the breathing mix, so I am told. Part of the safety modifications for doing this involve throttling the gas production to a safe level.

You can find most of this information in material published by George Wiseman and others, starting with the links in my articles.

And yes, while breathing pure HHO would be possible, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near a spark or a flame... the result would not be pretty! :O

You just made my head explode with all that information!

Now you have piqued my interest. I had no idea this was possible. Another project to work on... Hi @creatr!


Greetings my friend, and Happy New Year!

I'm very glad to make your head explode... This is a whole, new, exciting area... Please check out my earlier articles in this series for more info and links, and of course there is much more to come!

Just today, I managed to solve pretty much the last "sticky wicket" of a problem and I have the system running with modifications... I'm pretty happy. The hardest parts are done, and now only the other hardest parts are left... namely, the grunt work of final fitting and prettying up the results. :)

I am torn between building and writing about building... LOL!

Thanks a lot for dropping by! <3

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This sounds amazing, you are really looking after your Mrs. Its hard enough getting hubby to make me a cup of cough wouldn't have a chance of anything like this. It fascinating to read. Can't wait to read how things are when your using it. :)

Hi friend, thanks for stopping by...

Hey, don't be too hard on your hubs... Actually, I am making this for both the missus and me, as I am only a few years younger and we both need a good "tune up."

Besides, I love designing and building things and figuring things out, and so for me this is a fun project.

There, I hope that helps knock off my halo so you can see the reality and appreciate it when your hubby makes you coffee... :D

I am actually quite far along with this project, just haven't had time to write up the next article(s)...

Stay tuned!

Hello 😁
You still mentioned her and your still thinking about her health so the halo stays where it is

Hubby makes all the coffees as he says my coffee tastes nasty lol he prefers a proper coffee with coffee beans. Hea also pretty good cooking a nice meal he has no choice on days im not well. :)