"Fountain of Youth" - ~Euphoria!~

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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

Hey there, friends... I'm feeling a little euphoric at the moment.

Why is that, you may ask? Well, you see, I'm engaging in a new behavior. I'm experiencing something brand-new to me. I'm in some sense taking a bit of a chance (but I think it's quite reasonable, though your mileage may vary) and I am doing something quite out of the ordinary. In fact, you may find this somewhat shocking:

Even as we speak, as I sit here writing this story for you,

I am breathing hydrogen.

Yes, you heard me right. Breathing hydrogen.

Series Index

After reading those, I hope you'll be at least slightly less inclined to have me committed...


Water, the stuff of life.   ~   Image courtesy of urformat

As a (more or less) rational human being,

you can be sure that I've given considerable thought and due diligence to investigating the safety of this (superficially insane appearing) adventure that I've embarked on. And because my primary goal is that this technology will beneficially improve my wife's health, and because I am very solicitous of her safety, I am (cautiously) testing this on myself first.

I have every expectation that all will go well, and so within a few days, I expect her to be breathing hydrogen as well. Of course, the hydrogen is a component of Brown's gas, or HHO, or Hydroxy. Brown's gas is two thirds hydrogen and one third oxygen. Breathing hydrogen in concentrations less than 4% is safe because in those amounts, hydrogen is not combustible.

But how do I know the concentration is less than 4%?

I have a five-gallon bucket of water here in my mad-scientist's laboratory. Using it, along with a few simple implements, I've measured the output of my Brown's gas machine.


There's a wrench in the bucket, Dear Liza... ~   Original image by @creatr

In this photo, perhaps you can make out that there's a wrench at the bottom of the bucket. I'm using that to hold the Brown's gas output tube down so that the gas will bubble up through the water.

To the left of the wrench, a quart-sized Mason sits on the bottom of the bucket, waiting to capture the bubbling gas. To measure the output, I simply hold the Mason jar (full of water) upside-down in the bucket. I then start a stopwatch and simultaneously move the jar above the stream of bubbles.

As the bubbles rise, filling the jar, water is displaced until the jar is full. I know when the jar has filled because the Brown's gas starts to bubble out around the inverted mouth of the jar. When I see those bubbles escape, I stop the watch.

As it turns out, the extra space in the neck of a 1-quart Mason jar gives it a "completely full" volume of almost exactly one liter. Based on the time it takes to fill the jar, I can easily calculate how many liters per hour of Brown's gas my machine is generating. Running at full tilt, the machine produces about 55 liters per hour of the gas.

By estimating the number of liters per hour breathed by an adult human male (about 360), and taking into account that HHO is only 66% hydrogen, I then adjusted (i.e. reduced) the output of the machine so as to ensure that there is never more than 2% to 3% hydrogen in my lungs.

I've done some other tests and calculations today as well.

You may be wondering, "Why more calculating... Hasn't he done enough already?"


I've done my due-diligence calculations... ~   Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann

Maybe it's because I'd rather not blow up my lab...?

Well, the results of that set of figures were also reassuring...

My laboratory measures about 7 x 10 x 13 feet, and according to my calculations, it would take several days of the machine running at full-tilt in order to raise the percentage of hydrogen in that volume to 4%--and that's assuming that there are no leaks for the hydrogen to escape from the room!

Not only am I breathing hydrogen (and oxygen) from my machine, I will soon be drinking it as well.


Water treatment bubbler. ~   Image by the author.

On its way to my lungs,

the Brown's gas bubbles through this plastic jar. While doing so, it infuses hydrogen and oxygen into the water in the jar. We'll be able to drink the hydrogen-enriched water for our health. For an "economic proof" of the value of that, you can cross-check this Amazon link.

In this 4th article of my series,

I've admittedly taken a brief detour from the "How I Built It" story in order to share my excitement with you. Things are now working well enough to begin actually using the machine. I am pumped!

Can you tell that I'm excited?😜

I'm actually sitting here, right now, freakin' breathing Brown's gas! How cool is that? I'm stoked!

And, trust me, I was already stoked when I turned the machine on... so no, it's not (yet) a function of "what I've been smokin' this time" as the saying goes...

Stay tuned!

In upcoming articles, I will begin to explain the changes I've made to the original acrylic polishing machine to get where I am today. Remember, this is not as much a "How To Do It" series as it is a "How I Did It" series. But if you have reasonable skills, and a strong desire to build one of these, you should be able to follow in my footsteps.

However, if you've read enough to want to start breathing HHO for your own health right away, you can get a good, safe HHO machine immediately (if not sooner) from George Wiseman of Eagle Research . Feel free to tell him that @creatr sent you.


I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional of any kind. This series of articles describes my very individual, personal quest to investigate credible reports of the benefits of breathing hydrogen and oxygen gas, drinking hydrogen enriched water, and applying hydrogen and oxygen gas to weakened or diseased body parts. The devices I am building, the tools and materials I am using, and the gases I expect them to produce, are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening if used carelessly. Should you choose to use any of this information, do so only with the most serious care taken for safety. Any use made of this information is entirely at your own risk. I am not in any way responsible.



Mad Scientist, Breathing Hydrogen While Writing...   ~   Image by the author.

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Is that you, "the mad scientist":) I have to admit I'm confused, is that a gas tube like you would see from an oxygen machine that you are wearing and using to inhale the brown's gas?
The reason I'm confused is I have read your links to Brown's gas but my head thinks Kangen but am I correct that you are actually breathing via a hose like you see in a hospital?
I fully understand ionized water but breathing hydrogen like I think you are is surprising.

Yes indeed, I answer to "Mad Scientist" for sure... Just don't call me "Late To Dinner." ;)

I will of course attempt to eliminate your confusion... YES! That is exactly the kind of tube you would see coming from an oxygen bottle or concentrator. It's called a "nasal cannula" and you can buy them (pretty cheaply!) on Amazon.

And, YES! I am breathing the Brown's gas via the same kind of hoses you'd see in a hospital.

My intention is to continue this series (as I have time!) and make everything perfectly clear; meanwhile, if you check out George Wiseman's Eagle Research AC-50 page, you may be able to satisfy your curiosity sooner; and of course, as I continue this series, you'll be able to read about all the pieces and parts I've purchased in order to build this beast... :D

I intend to publish a parts list and sources (lots from Amazon, and quite a few from Lowe's).

Thanks for coming by and asking the tough questions! I really appreciate interested readers!

BTW, I need to read more about "Kangen water" but I think the water I bubble the gas through gets to be pretty much like that... ;)

Thanks for the link! I’ll read it when I get home to Canada shortly.
You and I are on the same page my friend. I did not know about the Browns gas though. I recently signed up to be a tyent water ionizer dealer because it’s the competition for Kangen. So I do understand the benefits of the ionizer.
Just wanted to thank you for bringing up the HBOT in your comment to Paul :)

You are more than welcome! Though I've yet to meet him in person, I've had some lovely interactions with Paul here on Steemit and have greatly appreciated his work with BEOS and his Steemit articles...

Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement! :D

Blessings on your day @creatr!

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PS: It's been a long time! I heard from a good source that Libertopia is going to be making a comeback, with a lot of changes.

Thanks, Kenny!

I was happy to have met you at Libertopia last time around; really glad they moved it back to the original venue.

I'm hoping to present this HHO tech at the next gathering. I look forward to seeing you again there... :D

Wow....I'm shocked that there is a partial picture of you!!!!!! Hehhehee

Now onto the Brown's gas part.

Please do NOT blow up your lab!!! Gahhhhh!!!

so.question....is that why it's healthy to breathe in places where there is crashing water? Do some of those hydrogen molecules escape and form a little concentrated cloud around the area where the water is making the most activity? (Like the shoreline..or by a waterfall?)

Now I'm curious!

Hi there by the way hehehe

I haven't read the other parts of the series but will take a peek when I get home from work!

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"Wow....I'm shocked that there is a partial picture of you!!!!!! Hehhehee"

Face not visible, of course... ;)

"Please do NOT blow up your lab!!! Gahhhhh!!!"

Did you not read the article? It would take days of full tilt gas production to generate enough hydrogen to saturate the lab to explosive levels... DAYS!

And that's only if the lab were totally sealed... And no, I am not suicidal... :D

I don't think there is hydrogen by the sea. But I still love the ocean!

Talk soon? <3

I share in your excitement, friend! What a joy to see your hard work and careful calculations have some fruit. Interested to hear how this improves your dear wife’s health. Love you guys!

Thanks, Lydon...

You'll be sure to hear. :D