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RE: An Accidental Luddite With A Broken Money Maker

in #technology5 months ago

Sounds like you got hacked. Your restore key passphrase should work no matter what. As you say you got metamask to work "with the help of a friend" Maybe your friend is not as friendly as you thought!


I would think that too if I didn't trust this friend as much as I do. There's zero chance they would do something like that so it has to be some kind of error on my end. I'm hoping this glitchy MacBook didn't type some random "v" as I was setting up my password. I would have had to do the seem random thing twice for the wallet to accept the password when I set it up.

My metamask is weird, I have 2 accounts, and whenever I log out of one and into the other on the same browser it will not let me in with the correct password. I always have to restore, so now I just use two separate browsers. As long as you have the pass key phrase, those are words so then the Mac would not have been able to interject any extra letters. That has happened to be before, I've had random letters added when I copy and paste. Did you know one of the permissions on metamask is we grant it permission to actually add characters into the copy and paste? We'll good luck, I hope you get it all figured out.