You Can’t Fight Digitisation

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Believe it or not but everything we humans have done to drive prosperity is technology-based, in years gone by electricity was seen as an interesting technology, so we’re trains and the factory floor!

As we’ve become increasingly better at producing things we need, the one thing we’ve ignored was the improving of money. Money evolved from bartering and precious metals to fiat due to the convenience it brought. It became digital through banking and credit card but the despite all the improvements the underlying accounting was never questioned.

Until 2008, when Satoshi dropped Bitcoin on us, it was by no means perfect on release, and there were plenty of bugs to fix, but that’s the beauty of programmable money, it can be patched, it can be upgraded it can be improved, unlike cash!


Millenials and Gen Z get it

While Boomers still have the biggest say in the world economy and distribution of value as they are the biggest and richest generation the world has ever seen, the system has worked for them by stealing opportunities from the future through debt and saddling future generations with the bill.

The new generation understand money differently and respect the value of digital assets!

We see the value in having a YouTube account or Instagram and building a following! We see the value in having a website and generating traffic, we see the value in code and software, and Bitcoin and blockchain are simply a natural progression of that!

Many people still think the value is only in things you can taste touch and see, but if you look at the biggest companies in the world like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Google. The thing driving the value is not the talent, not the servers and infrastructure, yes that is part of it, but those things can only be scaled so much, what is the scalable value generation is their code their software!

No matter how people try to deny it, fight against it set up roadblocks and policies to try and curb it, this trend will continue to remain true while the value can be found in software which is near infinite at this point.

Technology is deflationary

As software improves, it becomes cheaper to run, but starts to do more it reaches more people, makes a greater impact and makes it cheaper to do things we benefit from the deflationary nature of software!

In our current system of fiat, all the cost-saving and value gets passed on to the business, and they commodify data and their users without rewarding them, the wealth from the software is concentrated!

These companies just like money, is ripe for disruption and why I think it’s only a matter of time! As Millenials become a bigger part of the world economy as boomers age out, it will only see a continued push towards digitization

Facebook and the like are the only game in town because they have no competition that rewards users and gives them a choice until now!

The new web 3 options are being created quietly; they may be clunky and not too easy to use, but so was many of the first iterations of all technology.

Could Bitcoin and all the altcoins we have today fail? Absolutely, but the likelihood of it becomes marginally smaller each year they are allowed to survive due to market participants.

For us already in it, it seems so obvious but everything we use today was once a weird obscure thing used by weirdos!

Take your time, enjoy, learn and become a part of the digitized future! You’re not wrong, you’re just ahead of the curve, and sometimes that feels like the same thing.

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Digitization is unstoppable, as is Bitcoin.
Concerning Hive, I think, a really good web3 competitor with lots of Silicon Valley money for marketing good crush it, but until now I don't see that.

Even so I don't think it "kills" HIVE or STEEM or any of these projects, the community keeps it going, its like yes Facebook and Twitter are there but people still use forums, they still use tumblr, yes they not as popular, but perhaps in web.30 its not about what is most popular but what brings the most value to a certain community

I don't think he SV model works well with communities, since its all about scaling and bottom line and profit, what would be in it for them?

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I feel that we more tend to believe in "Digitized content" and media. They influences very strongly.

We can't fight but we should have some checklist before we believe in them.

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It's because digial can be scaled so it can service more people than other types of services and products, there's still a big chunk of the world that is yet to come online so there's plenty of growth in the space

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I have this theory that the reason Hive isn't catching on is that as soon as you start there's a very visible reminder that you're a nobody.

With Facebook, YouTube and Instagram it's kind of less in your face if you're getting no views or followers - it's easier to kid yourself your a big fish because all the other big fish are hidden away - here on Hive it's kind of in your face and you feel small even if you're quite big.

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lol well I have some stake and I still feel like a nobody, I think this place does attract a certain type of people, we haven't yet hit the normie strides yet, its all creatives, finance or like homesteaders or bloggers. Nothing yet fashion, or lifestyle-related which dominates traditional social media

I get that you can still "hide" behind followers if you suck on traditional social but here I can check your wallet. I was telling @nickyhavey how weird it would be if this place does pop off and you're sitting with a massive stake and people can see you're a provable millionaire or multi-millionaire, won't it make your HIVE experience pretty awkward

Haha, yeah ditto! I think with having all that financial info on display may be another thing to put people off because it's not something people are used to. A facebook/twitter/insta/YT like doesn't have any where near as much consequence as what we have here - mixing social with finance in this way is still a novel concept but the mindset changes when you're given financial power behind a vote. Add to that, normal every day use topics and your algorithms/trending for giving personalised feeds is something people will be used to - granted, apps like dapplr and ecency are doing great work on mobile access.

Regarding the amount of stake, this is why I delegate it all out because I feel a big pressure having that stake around and the perceived expectation on using it. For me, I try to separate the two out because I don't think the two mix. I use the social sides like I would normally on social media and my upvotes really are akin to facebook likes, and the financial side is considered separately so I use services like dlease, delegating etc. Makes for a more comfortable HIVE experience for sure!

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I didn’t think of that but it’s true it’s sort of a responsibility people will look to you like why aren’t you supporting people and projects with your stake you lazy orca or whale

I think if we had options to mask wallets that may help I mean why do you need to know how much stake I have?

But I also think in crypto we tend to celebrate these things we want eveyeone to be wealthy and have more so I’m a bit torn on this one

Yep but then in the same paragraph they'll then say "it's your stake, do with it as you want" so I choose this option and if I want to lease it out to curation guilds who manually curate, then you'll probably get a de facto upvote from me anyway!

I agree, I personally don't think the wallets should be "on display", that's kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things!

Yes, there's a bit more openness about finances here with crypto but we are likely a minority in that sense. If you bring up finances and the same level of openness to your non-crypto friends, you get slated with, "that's a bit personal isn't it?" and other sentences. No one wants to talk about earnings outside crypto, it's considered a taboo, at least in the UK, I don't know what it's like elsewhere. But give people the option to mask their wallet section, 95% of every day normal, non-tech nerd users won't go blockchain code hunting to find it

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I think that if you disagree with the way others use their stake that's a non-starter for me, focus on your own stake, if I don't like what you do why don't I just outstake someone else and do your own thing, but no people don't want. toput their money where there mouth is, they just want to complain.

Stake is either you putting up fiat you earned or effort in the platform, who are you to tell me what I should do with either of that?

Yeah but that to me, perpetuates financial ignorance, and we don't talk about sharing saving tips or stock tips.

I don't actually care about the value you have in your account, but lets talk about the APR, lets share how our strategies, lets help each other the fuck out and stop keeping quiet and being shafted for it, you're only shy about it because you know its a shit show you don't want to deal with

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I like the saying, "when you point the finger, there's always 3 pointing back at you". Unless you point with all your fingers (like some traffic warden), then the issue you're finding with someone else's decisions/stake is usually because you have an issue with the way you go about things. I've got no time for whiners, I'd rather get things done! The stake I have here is a combination of working/time spent in creating content for/on here and working the day job to spend my money and invest in the token. I spend most of my online time here and I enjoy it so that's my approach.

Exactly, I'm pretty open about my financial strategies and try to share as much as I'm willing to share (as long as I know it worked for me and had some success - I wouldn't just BS) and people can try it out themselves using the blog as a bookmark if I've done a guide or something similar. I feel people are just scared of finances because of lack of education around the topic, this is where you and I try to bridge the gap - I'm seriously thinking of firing up my guides again and revitalise the BTC educational series I posted a couple of years back.

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I don't think it's usable enough yet for the mainstream.

NB big users won't ever come to Hive at least because they can't control the comments. Maybe a different front end would solve that?

I know what you mean about having the financials on display, funny I was just thinking this morning that it might be a good idea to make all of that stuff a little less visible!

It is kind of odd.

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I think turning off comments or moderating them should be possible with any front end while stuff can still go to chain, I don’t see that as a problem

I just think we as users should still be able to access it, I don’t believe in silencing for eveyeone but silence for yourself by all means

I think now when the money it’s not that big it’s still okay but if we sitting here and let’s say HIVE is 10 bucks and you have a million dollars account I can see that causing issues with safety and a whole lot of other shit depending on where you are in the world

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