Would You Get An Optional Neuralink Implant?

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hey Jesscientists

When it comes to good old Elon, we Musk, he's always up to some crazy and cooky ways of doing thins, his definitely an innovator and willing to take on major risks. He reminds me of Brain from pinky and the brain and the rest of us are slightly dimwitted to his vision of the world.

While most of his press probably comes from the Tesla and Space X projects I think if he wasn't Elon and some other random smart guy running Neuralink it would get far more publicity but because he's doing so much it's often overshadowed.

What is Neuralink

Neuralink Corporation is an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and others, developing implantable brain-machine interfaces. Basically they're working to put computer chips in your brain, yeah! My buttcheeks tightened a bit reading that too!

It seems like something out of science fiction but when you hear him speak his got really practical applications for the technology.

Image source: - neurogadget.net

So what are these applications?

Well, we all know the human body can be fragile at times and with so many complex functions a lot can go wrong it could be physical damage or chemical imbalance causing parts of the brain to function in ways that leave you with certain disabilities.

These Neuralink chips are programmable and able to target specific ailments such as blindness, improve motor functions and even restore range of motion, it could be used to reduce the impact of brain ageing with diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimers and so much more.

Our reliance on machines is pretty evident today and it makes sense that this would be a natural progression as we start to slowly form a symbiosis with technology.

Enhanced human beings

Apart from the medical applications, you can be sure that these chips will be used to improve a range of cognitive function from thinking to sports and trying to push the boundaries of our bodies. We live in a world where enhancements are popular as we try to frame an idea of ourselves, many of it is fake or does real damage to your body in the long run.

So what if there was something like this that could make you master, reduce your risk of certain mental blockers and bad habits, improve your ability to train or rest and live at peak human condition for longer.

Would you do it? Personally I don't think I could, I prefer all-natural!

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Would you consider getting chipped?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I do not trust Elon Musk at all. No products from crazy man for me.

We don't have any of his products here, lol but I'd like to try driving in a Telsa at least once, just out of curiosities sake

I would pass. All natural is better.

Lol you say computer mary won't be as cool as creative mary?

Definetely! There is a charm in having slight imperfections, I would not like to get rid of those, I prefer the challenge of working to refine them

I like that too, I think in the struggle we develop our character! Luxury and privilege often leaves us empty, I can understand for those who have disabling traits wanting the implant but if you’re fine and want enhancements over human capacity I think you’re just trying to take short cuts

You know, there is an episode in Doctor Who, I don’t remember which one, but in it all people of the world are wearing these EarPods in their ears which tell them the news, keep them up to date with everything, function as phones, etc., and they are not just in their ears, they are wired to their brain.

And one day when the command is given, all these people suddenly turn into Cybermen!!

So yeah no thank you very much

I will stay away from all types of implants as long as I can

I’ve never watched doctor who before but now you have me interested can I watch the episode without having to watch the entire season? Sounds super interesting

I think a lot of black mirror episodes also pull from this idea though but in smaller ways

So what happens in the end? Are they like mindless zombies?

I think it’s tough because for some it might be a way to give them back a quality of life like eye sight and all that but if it become a vanity thing or cosmetic enhancement I would be against it

Once they become Cybermen in that episode, people lose their human bodies. They become like cyborgs (human mind and a bit of flesh in metal casing), and in order for them not to feel sad because of that, their emotions are turned off. So in order to save earth and those people who are still normal, the Doctor makes them feel their emotions again. They suddenly remember that they were human and had families and kids and normal bodies and all that, and feel horrible psychological pain ... if I remember correctly they self destruct because there was no way for them to become human again

Yeah, the idea has been used in so many films I think

There was also another episode where aliens got a bit of human blood of a certain type so they were able to control those people who had that particular blood type... and they made them stand on the edges of rooftops and then threatened the earth’s governments that unless they give up their freedom peacefully, everyone will jump

Either way seems like our freedom (or whatever bits of it we still have) is a rather vulnerable thing

This is not something I want. Nope nope nope.

Lol you telling me you don’t want to be RoboMom? Beep boop beep boop detecting room has not been cleaned 🧹

I would never hand over that kind of power (my brain, my body) to any entity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who would watch the watchers? This to me is a huge recipe for disaster.

That’s a good question, I wonder what it would be like would it just amplify all the traits of human good and bad or can we cherry pick things! What if it takes on a hive mind or takes us to a level where we can be free of a lot of the things that holds us back?

It will certainly be marketed as the best thing since sliced bread :)

Lol no doubt about it, you feel bad take a pill, you feel really bad let’s drill this into your brain! Instant gratification is the best marketing tool you can get

Nailed it.

Such technologies enter our life with our blessing. We may even pay for them. Case in point is Amazon's Alexa. It was reluctantly allowed in my home as a gift for my bed infirmed 96 year old mother for her to be able to manage music listening.

Well the other night while sitting with her Alexa suddenly asked, "Is that you Dan?" It caught me so off guard that my answer was "Yes". It then asked me to repeat two sentences so that it could better learn my voice. Coming to my senses at that point they were repeated in goobly-gook. After pressing compliance a couple of more times Alexa just dropped it and went quiet.

So basically Alexa wants to know when it is me for sure while listening in to the conversations of the room/house. Gamers will probably pay for the inplant.

That is creepy as hell im so glad I don’t have one of those voice assistant thingies! I have no doubt people will line up to get chipped to solve just about anything they can think of you can see how willing people are to spend on any pill or instant fix

No chip for me thanks.

Lol you say you want to remain %100 organic, grass-fed, free-range human?

Quest to live forever disguised in service. Hope I'm wrong about him. I do not know much of his life's accomplishments or him the person.

It could very well be the end game, just the start of it, by extending life and abilities and it working will only see humans wanting to keep pushing the boundaries