BMW that changes color.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, continuing with my publications today I bring a technological breakthrough for car lovers and this is the new BMW that is able to change color, just as you are reading a car that have the ability to change color, this vehicle is the iX Flow model, BMW.

This new breakthrough undoubtedly revolutionizes the global automotive world because with the simple push of a button the BMW iX Flow is able to change color, all thanks to the technological designers with which the German automaker BMW has. Users were able to observe through a video demonstration of this technological breakthrough in the automotive world in Las Vegas United States, those present were shocked to see how the BMW changed color with the push of a button, which was not clear if the color to which it would change was selected by the driver or simply was already predetermined.

The designer and leader of this innovative project, Strella Clarke, said: "We are taking customization to new levels. In the future, BMW customers will be able to change the color of their car at the push of a button," but there is more to it than that. The simple fact that the BMW iX Flow changes color brings an additional benefit: it can change the reflection of sunlight and change the thermal properties of the vehicle, and as if that were not enough, it brings with it an additional function that the car flashes in the parking lot to be more easily located.


Although this important technological advance at first glance does not bring any direct benefit to the community, lovers of these vehicles will undoubtedly enjoy this wonderful and innovative advance that is being presented in this automotive field. As is well known, the German automaker BMW is one of the most recognized worldwide for designing and developing vehicles of the latest technology, not to mention the great contributions that can be seen in the Formula 1 world championship, where they have shown their great dominance and strength in this world of engines.

It only remains to wait when the BMW company will begin mass production of this vehicle and what will be its retail price, so that people interested in purchasing a BMW iX Flow can do so. Personally I think that only very wealthy people like Elon Musk will be able to acquire this type of vehicles that must be very expensive.

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