USB Solar Panel

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The USB Solar Panel I've been using for years is still working great, but I've decided to move to something lighter, smaller and more durable.



Good info, nice one...
How big is your power bank and how long would it take to fully charge it from 0%
Would that take a day or just couple of hours?

10000mAh. Around 6 hours in full sun to charge.

Thats not bad at all, i will look into as a back up one.....
Thanks for info.

Peace and Love!
In Lak'ech!

Your video kept breaking up several times but it was an interesting enough video to wait for it to start playing again. We lost power a couple summers ago after a storm took out trees, I had to go to a coffee shop to use my device, this seems like a handy solution to keeping your stuff charged during such events. I don't know what they cost or if they'd be worth the investment but I've kept more useless items around before for a just in case moments.