MERN Stack - a Small Paradise for Javascript Developers

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Being a developer, there is always a possibility that you want to write everything from scratch when you develop an app or software.
There are a lot of developers that tend to create anything without using any framework, library or stack.
But using them has its own benefits.

I will focus on using Stacks, and focus especially on MERN Stack.
but first What is a Stack?

"stack" is a set or combinations of programming languages or development tools and libraries and is used to simplify the process of developing complex software

What is MERN Stack?
MERN stack is a Javascript stack, so based on the definition that we made above, MERN Stack is a set of Javascript Programming Languages, Libraries and Frameworks and related.
M - Mongo -> Database
E - ExpressJS -> Needed to Write Rest API Calls
R - ReactJS -> Frontend
N - NodeJS -> Backend

MERN more a Fullstack Development Stack rather than a Frontend or Backend Development Stack

All its components are open-source. It is similar to MEAN but the Frontend Development Language used for MEAN is AngularJS while for MERN is ReactJS.

Photo by Irvan Smith on Unsplash

3 Main Benefits of using MERN

  • Simplify the process of development for modern web applications. Makes the lifer easier for developers.
  • It is widely used, very popular and consists on a set of great technologies like NodeJS, Mongo, React, Express and helps developers expanding their knowledge
  • It is pure Javascript, so no need to know other technologies as PHP, Java etc..

and It is pretty cool to work with.


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