Linux - Advantages of using it & is Linux better than Windows?

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Have you ever thought if Linux is better than Windows. I mean when you are in a scenario where you have been used both and know the differences between them.

This article is totally focused on two elements:

  1. Benefits/Advantages of using Linux
  2. Defining some areas where Linux is better than Windows

Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against Windows, i have been always used and still using windows, but definitely there are some areas where Linux has the edge over Windows.

Linux better than Windows - 10 Reasons

  1. Open Source. It is free, absolutely free
  2. Everything that i have needed which runs on Linux-based Devices, run better & faster
  3. Secure - Malware free
  4. Efficiency
  5. Linux-based devices rarely crash
  6. High Compatibility
  7. Stability and Great Flexibility
  8. Perfect for us developers
  9. Has Better Community Support than Windows
  10. System run on Linux is completely modular and you can customise it on your specific needs

Photo by Arian Darvishi on Unsplash


Freedom of choice is what defines Linux. Linux is open source, free (unless you want to purchase Enterprise Support with RedHat), give you the choice of choosing whatever program you want to install, and its core principle is to run everything for any purpose.


  1. Ubuntu(Personal Favorite)
  2. Linux Mint
  3. Kubuntu
  4. Fedora
  5. Redhat
  6. Centos
  7. a lot more...

Personally i use both, for personal use i use Windows and for development purposes i use Linux