#development #coding stories - Introducing a new concept on community blogging

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Hello Stemians,
I want to introduce a new concept of blogging for developers part of the community.

I have written a lot of posts related to a lot of different topics:

  1. Technology
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Coding Guidelines
  4. Startups
  5. Tech Ideas
  6. ........................

But in all the posts i have not shown or show a bit of coding. I have not share any #coding stories, or any part of my code and in all the posts that i have read on the community with these tags #development #software #coding it is the same.

Share your #coding stories

Why sharing #coding stories help everyone. Each developer has his own way of developing, his own way of writing code (Classes, Controllers, Models, Functions, .env conf etc..)

  • Share your own coding story
  • Write some code that are worth showing and share them with the community
  • Help others during this process by using your expertise
  • Introduce a Solution, a package a coding guidelines

Own your own narrative

Example #1 - ReactJs Some Code
Imagine you have a form in your page where you want to add something:

  • Create Entity (user for example)
  • The form has all fields (name, surname, job, email etc..)
  • Also you have a Submit Button
  • Onsubmit you POST the form to an API call or to the backend.
  • Based on fields sent the backend with respond with exception in cases of some errors, warnings etc and with succees in case everything looks good.
  • After the Backend responds the Frontend manages what to display. That’s where this piece of code doew its work.
static showNotification(type, message) {
    return function () {
      switch (type) {
        case 'info':
        case 'success':
          NotificationManager.success(message, message, 3000);
        case 'warning':
          NotificationManager.warning(message, 'Warning', 3000);
        case 'error':
          NotificationManager.error(message, message, 5000, () => {



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