Data Driven - Concept and Approach

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Speaking of strategy making decisions, it is important to take in consideration every aspect of what data analysis can offer before making the decision. It is highly important to study those data in the most efficient although. So it is not only about having data but also making the right assumptions based on their values.

What is data-driven approach?

Data-Driven at the same time can be called a: Concept, Approach, Technique, Science, Model etc, but at its core, this Approach focuses in only one thing: The procedure of using data to make important decisions or implementing whole strategies

But why most of the companies tend to use this model and approach when they want to make strategic decisions
Because Data analysis and Interpretation (data-driven approach) of those data, tend always to deliver better results.

With a data-driven approach a company can make better business decisions. It is a more see-make decision concept rather than guessing and make decisions on guessing

But building a data-driven strategy is not so simple?

Why it's that? And which are the steps for building the best data-driven strategy for your company.
For sure one important element are the data and other steps are:

  • Choose the proper data to analyse
  • Handle in the proper way the deriving results
  • Transform results in proper actions
  • Create prototyping models for similar sets of data

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Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Where data-driven concept can be used?

There are Enormous fields that this concept can be used and have results
Some of those are:

  1. Marketing and Related Fields
  2. Sales and Related Fields
  3. Business and Related Fields
  4. Development and Design
  5. Software
  6. Technology and Automation
  7. a lot more ....

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