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RE: Frustrated with Siri? Upgrade to “Siri-Pro” with ChatGPT!

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I don't use the personal assistant on my Google phone too much. I am kind of paranoid and I feel like my phone listens in on me enough already! I do have some smart devices at home but I have those on a separate network in my house that is subnetted and vlan'd separate from my main network. Our Firestick has an Alexa button on it, but we are careful never to press it. It's not like I have anything to hide really, I just don't like the idea of it. I know one day I am going to need to give in and embrace it all, but for now I am still dragging my feet.


It's disconcerting. The phones are definitely actively listening as well as recording keystrokes. I've noticed how both of these factors influence what YouTube populates on my "Home" screen, the same holds true with my Google news app. It's almost dialed in to the point where it feels like they're reading my mind.

Yeah, I have felt that at times too. Sometimes my wife and I talk about random stuff just to see if it comes up. I don't really think I have found peace with all of that yet. I know it's coming eventually though.

I feel the same way. For better or worse, eventually, we'll probably become accustomed to AI running as a sublayer in the background of our lives.

Yes, I am guessing that is very true!