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RE: An Accidental Luddite With A Broken Money Maker

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Oh wow, that sounds horrible. I am sorry to hear you have been having such bad luck. If it makes you feel better, working in technology I can honestly say it isn't just you. It probably feels like it is though! I picked up one of the M1 Mac Mini's a little bit after they were released, but I haven't played around with it too much yet. It's really just been sitting on my desk for months not being touched. Isn't that a crime!? I just bought a new LG Windows Laptop and I am loving it so far. I hope you get your Macbook sooner rather than later. I had some iPads that took all Summer to show up.


Thanks man. You have more patience than I do. When I get a new piece of tech I can't help but dive in. I'm going to appreciate the lighter MacBook Air when I travel. You wouldn't think 3.5lbs would feel heavy in a backpack but when you're trudging through airports you start to feel it. LG makes a great product, I'm glad you're happy with it! Wow, all summer? Those iPads must not have had the M1 chip?

Oh wow, I can only imagine! This LG is only two pounds so most of the time I feel like I am going to break it! I am not sure about the ipads. We got 10 of the 15 right away and then the other five took three months or so.