The Empire strikes back - Meta is spreading

in #technologylast year

After a long time, I have visited nearest shopping mall; spotted few differences, among others: 30%&up discount prices are like regular prices some months ago (which did not surprise me) and machine instafotokiosk (which very did).

Meanwhile, in our president.s universe, salaries are 5-10% up and people live never better. One Step Beyond, so to speak 😶. Madness.


On the other side of the planet, another universe where people live never better is rising - metaverse by Meta.

I wonder, is there any machine like this in a virtual shopping mall, where avatars can print selfies taken at the spot, insta photos and magnets?
I.m trying to imagine an avatar going to her/his insta acc which is somewhere in metaverse's www, choosing photo to be printed, so it can end up on photo board above the bed, then taking photo of the board to put it on the insta from which will be printed...huh starting to feel dizzy with this metaverse's RL and VR :)

All in all, Meta is expanding both ways, hoping to, with solidverse and metaverse, rule the universe.

For me, this was the first time to see this machine, do you have it in your public spaces? Did you try it? I did not, my curiosity was big but my desire to avoid giving any money to Meta was bigger :D.


I laughed so much with this post and your shares 😂

Some mix of the words just came to my mind: metadness, or madnessverse 🤣

hahahaha I like your words, maybe we should make new vocab for this mixverse we are living in :D
Do you agree that we make short for madnessverse as madverse?

I am late, I am late for the agreement hahaha. Have to visit your new post :)

btw, agree with the short version, so madverse 👍

eeah well, I took silence as an approval ;P

Yes, sometimes silence is agreement :)

Instaphotobooth: I suppose, this machine takes a photo and uploads it to Instagram? Never seen such a machine. Then again, I don't get to shopping malls that often. For the metaverse: metahero ( are in the process of rolling out tens of big ass ultra-high-resolution 3D scanners around the world. the idea: scan ourselves to serve as our avatar or anything we like from real life to take with us into the metaverse. the team behind metahero will also launch their own metaverse under the name: everdome ( btw, Facebook not doing that well with the first time ever decrease in the number of users and the stock market decided to drop its stock value big time.

This machine prints photos you choose on photo paper or magnet.
omg... metahero... what I need is reversed process, to take an avatar from meta and bring it to the physical world, to go to work instead of me, while I am drinking cocktails at some tropical beach :D

Printing machine! Owww really? Just an old fashioned photo machine... I would've thought at least a direct upload to Instagram was possible from the machine without the need to use their own phone or other devices. Ok, cleaver marketing and branding 😂

Work: rest assured. Within a decade or two many of us will think back in time and wonder why we needed to go to work. AI and Robotica will make many jobs 100% obsolete.

Well, I did not try to figure out all the possibilities, saw that there is sign for wireless, camera for selfie, maybe it works both way, upload and download and print.
If i find out, will let you know :)


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