Song of the day - Futureal

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Inspiration for this song, that I was associated to remember that even exists (was long time ago when I listened this band, Dance of death was the last that I am acquainted with), was this post and @mipiano comment below.

So, what is the story?
Futureal is coinword for a song from album called Virtual XI and my post was about metaverse where I have mentioned solidverse, then she coined metadness and madnessverse.

I call you all for joining the Meta vocab challenge, spread the coinwords :D and some music that you think it can go with the word, or be in any way associated with the topic.

So far, we have:

  • solidverse
  • metadness /madnesverse ( I like more 2nd)
  • madverse (as short for madnessverse)
  • mixverse (mix of RL and VR, so called normal contemporary life
  • metareal and metafake

Do you believe what you hear?
Can you believe what you see?
Do you believe what you feel?
Can you believe?
What is real?
What is real?


Meet Treesa Green, she might be metareal one day, now is just solidverse mob-device product, which makes her...hmmm... real? halfreal? virtual? surreal definitely ;P

For the end, to be a bit serious; so much misunderstandings and conflicts were result of simply having different definition of certain word/term/concept, even in the times where most of the people had same idea of what is what.
But, as means and tools develop, so is language; one of the things scientists should pay attn is redefining terms and concepts bcs their core meaning changed in reality (for example criteria for children development should be upgraded).
But, will leave it for another post, don.t want to be too serious :D


nutverse: since the wish to spend considerable time in a metaverse, one must be ready for the nuthouse {LOL}

second life: stolen from the metaverse that was already around 2 decades ago and to me symbolises what the metaverse can bring most of us, the idea of a new life that can be much more modelled by the user him or herself. some will lose themselves completely in the metaverse, leaving first life behind them. {edje: too serious}

verse: making words more minimalistic. why meta in front of it? it'll be poems, verses. the meta part makes the whole thing sound like a summary, very superficial, without any depth, where nuances are lost, like with metadata. {edje: still way too serious}

counterreal; no explanation needed I think :)

areal: same same but different :)

Like your ideas :)

some will lose themselves completely in the metaverse, leaving first life behind them

already happening, will be even we might change roles and metavers will be reality&life and physical world, still known as real world, will be just solidverse :D (solid, like made of solid, firm, elements)

hahahaha solidverse! that'll be something. In the end, only a few 'degenerates' will live in the solidverse whilst the rest are cocooning in super large storage houses Matrix model spending 24x7 in the other worlds... even sleeping and 'dreaming'. Ah well, I'll be in the solidverse, most of my time at least. Must say, tried Decentraland a few weeks ago. Within 5 minutes I was out again. Not sure if this was my impatience, or just the whole look and feel is not what I expect from a metaverse. I do hope the guys behind Everdome will make the experience better. They will use Unreal Engine for the graphics which makes the whole look and feel much better, or should at least.

Physics have a problem with multiverse hypothesis, no way to prove it, but in metaverse, multiverse will be reality, one will be able to switch from one world to another, or be in every of them at the same time; then, metaverse scientists will try to figure out laws of influence - how behavior in one affects the rest of them LOL


Owwww, we gonna soooo much complicate everything with all these metaverses. Fact is, we will give room for more scientific work. At some stage am pretty sure Facebook (euhm, Meta) will execute behavioural analyses to our profiles in metaverses to try and 'sell' us something in the physical world... pfffff.... what a GREAT time ahead of us... well at least INTERESTING time ahead of us, since GREAT is still to be seen).