Running My Own Hive Engine Node - Almost Success

in #technology2 years ago

6 months after my previous post on this topic I finally found some time during the holidays to give it another try. With the last attempt I discovered that the streamer is fetching blocks synchronously and worked very slow. I wasted some time trying to improve it, even developed a simple caching proxy in Python to pre-fetch blocks needed by the Streamer. This was actually a speed up, but the I noticed that I'm using the wrong Git repository for the Hive Engine source code. The one in the FAQ is wrong and abandoned, the working repo is It has even an open issue describing how to set up block pre-fetching by modifying a single constant in the source. So I took advantage of this wisdom and now my Node is catching up with 5-10 blocks per second. It will probably take more than a month to complete but at least there is some hope.

Again I'm running everything on Docker images, not sure how this affects performance. I'm a bit worried about the Mongo container as it is running on an OrangePi board with 1G RAM and usb stick for a storage. Currently it's working fine, I certainly have to migrate it to more capable hardware in the future