Wormholes and folding space ( theoretical physics, general relativity, quantum mechanics)

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In previous text I was contemplating why we are only limited by technology when we are attempting to perceive the microVerse, but then there are suddenly a wall of demands including the time when it comes to the macroVerse.

And my previous text was way too long, so I will snip everything in reasonable pieces and post it under expected wordcount.

I also just splashing all kind of things around, playing with it and questioning everything. In case that you see something that doesn't fit together it is because of the complete deconstruction.

I also mentioned the story in which bending the time is not useful for the reality, because everything outside of a 'traveling' bubble still experience the passage of the time.

In other words the actuality of the item or consciousness is unimportant to whatever is happening to the reality outside.

I mentioned the pyramids which are suspected to be something of the relevance to the energy manipulation but they were left without the tutorial, so I didn't munch on it.

That topic also touches the subject of weather the people figured out how to bend the time before, maybe.

In other words weather the ancient engineers who made those giant presumably energy creating devices or buildings would one day reappear in the reality again, after a very long absence...

Bending time ( 'bubble') is in no way useful to the reality of the long distance travel, so I said that I am going to bring the matter of the folding space instead to the table the next time.

I didn't include the reverse time travel because within these logical conclusions, time is either linear, or it stops.

There are speculations that if time can be bent, it can also be folded, so we could travel in the past.

Everything I mention is either a theory or a model, just because I prefer something over something else doesn't mean that I automatically exclude it.

Newest research says that the time travel is mathematically possible but it would require the exotic materials that we do not have. Convenient.

Theory of multiple dimensions ( all being different flavors of time) says that reverse time travel exists, but it would disrupt the fabric of reality branching it out into the multiverses, which is not practical to us. Cause-effect in this universe already happened, so even if this works we will not see any change. Another idea is that it would create a loop. But aside of an idea about those dimensions that are hard to imagine nevertheless describe and multiverses, we don't have anything else.

Folding space ('conduit', 'portal', 'wormhole') is by far the craziest idea, crazier than the reverse time travel.
That is because it simply defies everything that we know about the reality, and the actuality of it is completely unknown.

Yeah, the people kind of described how a wormhole should look like, but how to make one or why should it exist in the first place, how to make it stable, what happens inside ... nothing.

We should never ever forget that a this speculative wormhole is a fold in 3D, not in 2D like we see in the models.

At present, space-time wormholes are only theoretical constructs derived from general relativity; there is no experimental evidence for their existence.

Folding space or conduit negates the existence of time, in other words there is nothing bending or happening when it comes to duration.

How? Simple, you don't need time to cross over. It is instantaneous. This means tones of problems.

There is also one really important questions - what happens to speed and velocity? Because if there is no duration inside of a conduit, does it mean that both speed and velocity are also gone?

Possible, maybe, I don't know. Let's see.

I mentioned how velocity is important to keep matter in check and that matter is energy in motion, with clearly defined velocity otherwise it would stop to be part of Exist.

In other words, what happens with the item which goes through the conduit?

Physicists think that using matter itself can produce the effect of a conduit. But how a matter which is dependent on velocity and state of Exist can bend space?

All matter moves, molecules, atoms... all vibrates. So, how to use quite plain ingredients and get something unusual? How to combine flour, milk, sugar... and then get a unicorn...

It is actually the combination of the electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak forces working together inside a mass that creates the field we call gravity. ... So the bending or warping of space is the combination of effects of energy inside mass on the energy inside empty space.

I will take we know just a fraction of a true knowledge, so might be it.

Physicists proposed an answer in the form of “wormholes,” or gravitational tunnels. The group showed that by creating two entangled black holes, then pulling them apart, they formed a wormhole — essentially a “shortcut” through the universe — connecting the distant black holes.

Errrm... I will pass this one, thank you. Too dangerous for home use...

So, according to this the conduit or bending space might be a part of none-Exist side of reality that could include the gravity, gravitational waves, gravitons, but it is maybe but unlikely to include the common matter.

What happens inside of the wormhole, or space portal or a magical conduit that makes place-to-place travel instantaneous regardless of it's distance is a thing of a fiction so far.

But what are the wormholes and who attempted to explain them?

Wormholes are consistent with the general theory of relativity, but whether wormholes actually exist remains to be seen. Many scientists postulate that wormholes are merely projections of a fourth spatial dimension, analogous to how a two-dimensional (2D) being could experience only part of a three-dimensional (3D) object.

There is not even a whole theory that can pick that thing and put it together, because it negates time, somehow there is no velocity included ( while absolutely everything else has it), and on the point of entrance/exit item that passes over seems to be in the suspended state of existence.

This is not being suspended in time, by generally stopping inside of a universe so that the space does it all by itself ( proposed warp drive back in 90s and dark matter expansion travel)... because time will still swoosh next to us, not mentioning that we would be really deleted from existence by accidental collisions...

Speed of Universe is still quite a mystery, and it is questionable how would you even stop and then restart moving.

This is being suspended in the matter, inside of a state of existing but simultaneously not existing. That's kind of a mind bender. Is that not the same thing like time suspension? No.

So what happens to the velocity? Is it more possible to have a instant maximum velocity and blast though the matter, instead of this complicated mess that I just tried to picture...?

No, not as in the maximum velocity making us ghosting thought the space, but as in no velocity whatsoever, ... because how much energy would you need to achieve maximum velocity (without acceleration because we would need to take a really big trail)?

I mean seriously, what a hell you think we are working with here? Magic fairy dust? 😜

So, one another huge problem, how would you know where are you going without velocity?

If there is no such a thing as a direction which is quality of the velocity, would we not fold stuff to wherever and randomly start dropping out somewhere in the Universe?

Or make it something smaller and less demanding, achievable. Like portal to the town center, you end up on the beach...

Coordinates maybe? If we have the coordinates in some approximate position to our own position theoretically we should bend and glue those two places together forming a wormhole.

It doesn't matter if a point B in relation to our start point A is left or right, in front of us or behind us, the point of the merging will always be a singular dot without any dimension calling for the vector value.

You would say that without velocity, unless a wormhole is somehow a natural phenomenon flowing together with it, we will again fall though the Universe which is in motion, but as we do not have duration, or time in that point , the transfer would be instantaneous and there would be no dropping out of anything.

Crazy isn't it, you traverse huge distances by not existing ( no velocity), but still existing because there is no time that measures if you do or do not.

This is mess, but I am trying to paint what exactly happens or what maybe happens with the item on the merging point.

I am choosing point and not a conduit, because a conduit would include duration. From practical reasons, it is better not to.

This is even more confusing but when you see the proposed designs of the conduits or portals, that is exactly what you see.

Distant position always overlapping to a start position.

But, instead of the 2D sheet of paper overlapping, we somehow have to imagine the 3D overlapping. How to get that without complicating it further with the hyper-surface and collapsing it back into the multiverse of other theories?

How can we 'call' those distant 3D coordinates into the overlap?

'Summon Ireland! Sweetheart, take some boots, we are stepping into the vacation mode...' ... I mean seriously...

How would we open it?

Apparently some people thought of a way to keep two sides open by spherical shell of exotic matter forming a ring, others think it doesn't need any matter to form, third group that they have been naturally created in the early universe and held open by negative mass cosmic strings. There is also a mathematical model showing it to be geodesically complete, horizonless, singularity-free, and fully traversable in both directions.

With the time bending we approximately know what is necessary, we approximately know what to expect, what happens inside of a 'bubble', but with the 'conduit' nobody knows how to explain anything without a top notch world building...

Now, conduits or the wormholes ( Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Ellis drainhole...) would be the most convenient and even most probable way of long distance travel, but the problem is that they are with all things said, still not explained. All this is hypothetical and exists inside of the models based upon speculations from various theories.

OK, I said this will be short for this time, so I will wrap it up and continue next time. I hope you enjoyed this and that it inspired you to develop some ideas around this topic.

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