SpaceX Starbase Texas called BOOMBASE by Redditors

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Redditors are literally calling the SpaceX Starbase, the Boombase considering how many times the test rocket exploded and Musk lately became one of the most canceled public figures after plethora of dumb stuff he done or lies that he was feeding into his online presence.

No, this is not inflammatory post, I am just putting it out as it is ( found in wild, more than once). For some reason the "anonymous" decided to "warn" Musk about cryptocurrency manipulation, who ever that was I am sure he is great. I think that being Anon is one of the perks, unless it is not.

The next launch for Starship, I mean The Dustbin, could be in July, or should I say the next fireworks, because I have no idea what to expect from that one. Maybe some science fiction freak show again, some super secret multi dimensional missile hits the damn bucket and we have a sky dance of the century showcased in full surround and flawless video quality...

Have you seen a video where some twat actually thought that a bug is a missile and another expert special said it is an UFO, because - let's be real - it is impossible for it to explode on its own? No? I thought so. Probably both authors also won the Darwin award for longest rail walk or something, or honor themselves with terminal erotic asphyxiation. Because I would expect that from someone like that.

And talking from the perspective of those people with Nokia quality UFO images it would be a total overload of the insults if the misfortunate even would fancy the sky with the hearth emoji as an after math, plus Elon Musk reiterating his claim that aliens don't exist and everything is a weird coincidence...

Have you seen those half assed bullshit propaganda outlets discussing if Elon Musk is an alien just because he talks like he has a stick up his ass and he can't fucking set a simple sentence without mouth convulsions? No? Well, I am proud of you being down to earth enough not to read those nonsense. Why the fuck people think that the aliens would be verbally impaired? I mean for higher entities they should be at least fluent in one fucking language. Elon Musk sounds like he reads a list of departures and arrivals, get a grip!

I could definitely imagine ANYTHING when it comes to those experimental rocket launches. I don't really follow that thing to see if it is a bust, but if it will change a trajectory.

Last time SpaceX experimental vehicle landed but still got some fire, and the time before that the pieces of the rocket were found miles away from the place of the explosion which was even recorded on the freaking radar. It must be fun to be that hot. Personally I wouldn't know.

On an each launch my predictions were correct, including a nice blue sky in the last so you all can have some decent photos and not cry how it sucks to be all gray ... because nobody likes fog but you all fucking sell it , and so... nevermind ... and that a rocket will blow up all over the landing pad in the one before it... yes, I was going "3-2-1-pop"!

So when everybody were in disbelief what a hell happened I was thinking - " it's raining again...not H2O".

No, I am not all that good in predictions of the betting sports events or horse races. I think you will need a fortune teller for that. Or talk to the horse directly.

The image I used is a digital representation of the prototype...

No idea who is an artist, great talent by the way, and I think it is an image from the SpaceX website, but they don't source anyone, first time an image is mentioned HERE in 2018. on the news website and they sourced image back to the SpaceX without mentioning the artist.

... which is in my opinion too long for vertical launch or landing, probably they will come up with the sufficient solution but the end product could look quite different.

Interesting links to read about this would be, take it with the grain of salt as well:

There are a lot of valid debunk videos about this, you can find some on the YouTube by Common Sense Skeptic and Thunderf00t. I don't think that the traffic issues and stuff related to the rockets are unsurmountable problems, I just believe there are better more intelligent solutions to them.

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