Why Samsung Why?

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Samsung recently announced that they are committed to delivering Android and Security Updates as much as 3 years which is big news if I may add, but this does come with some negatives as well.
For starters, they are only committing to these 3 years of updates for their flagship devices which are the S, Z, and Note Series Smartphones. Now on one hand I am a little bit happy that at least they have said that they will deliver but on the flip side, it also looks like they don't give that much importance to their other Series Smartphones which is definitely a bummer.


There is also the point that they haven't mentioned the timeframe in which their devices will receive the updates so all of this could mean nothing at all as they push updates at their own pace.
I am also kinda disappointed at Samsung for not grabbing the huge opportunity/void left due to the growing anti china sentiment in India. I believe they could have taken a huge chunk of the market cap if they decided to be a little aggressive in the pricing segment.

Well it is what it is.



They have Xbox Game Pass on their new devices, isnt that a bombshell?

I really like Samsung devices but I hate their pricing.

I have already ordered the new M31s for my Dad and I was all set to buy the Note 20 but I just heard that Note 20 which is a 1000 USD smartphone is made of Plastic. Is Samsung freaking joking?

The Note 20 Ultra is metallic but a consumer will most definitely expect a Metallic body or better on a smartphone that costs over 1000 USD.

I had my eye on the ultra from the begin but I see your frustration now, that is rather sad but I have this logic that if I do not buy the highest end flagship, with the stupid zoom we all know sucks (but Samsung wants to fund development of), then I will likely be getting some kind of corner cutter product that has a justified lower price. The Note 20 Ultra is freaking $2000 CAD and the Canadian dollar was 1:1 with the USD in 2008...

Good information 🙂