Grab it Before Its Gone

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I wanna start by saying that this offer is only for India as we are having a sale on Amazon right now. I would have brought this up earlier but the last couple days hasn't given me a chance for a break so yeah I am late.
If you are from India and you are looking for a low priced Bluetooth Speaker than I present you the Xmate Theatre which is damn cheap if you ask me. Don't believe me, I got the proof.


You see I have a useful addon which lets me monitor prices of items so as you can see from the above graph it is almost at 50% off so yeah no arguments there. As for the quality of the Bluetooth Speaker, the reviews were pretty positive and I feel it's going to be a good one. So if you are in the market for a New Bluetooth Speaker then you can go ahead and buy this from This Link.

BTW the links I gave are not any affiliate links. those are just direct links to the product.



Any better option or suggestion for headphone....?

Bro if you are looking for Headphones than wait for 7 more days. It is yet not public yet but Amazon has another Sale upcoming which is the bigger one.

The Freedom Sale

I looked for anything and everything and in most cases, there were a lot of shady things happening in the name of discounts. I will be making a new post about that tomorrow. If you want to buy a headphone just tell me your preference and budget I can check out for you.

Hey...its there the freedom sale is just on from today...there was no specific requirement...and now I see what there in the store...for this sale period