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This is an amazing app! I used it often for quick video needs. The money is worth it. I especially like having layer options and control over each layer. Highly recommend esp for videographers when you maybe have some quick edits to do or anyone into video. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to zoom in on the timeline when editing so cutting can be precise if you want to stop at a certain frame. Great choice of transitions that can be used in fun or professional way.I love it. It's great for making my videos. Kinemaster never worked, CuteCUT was always too complicated, but when I found this, I could actually start posting. I it very easy to edit, and it supports all of my music, and it provides an amazing experience. I love this app, and I give it five stars through and through. 20200327_013455.jpgIf you're looking for an app to help make videos, this is it. PowerDirector is outstanding, and it is one of my favourite apps. It's great. You won't regret downloading it.Good in some ways, lacking in others. Pros: Pretty easy to use, good features like flipping, cropping, speed, etc. Simply layout pretty good for phone. Can combine videos easily. Cons: Paid option only removes watermark, doesn't really give you many other benefits. Can't add my own watermark to the video which is a HUGE downside for me. Can't blur or censor anything. Have to do a bunch of weird things with stickers and masking. Which is doable, but really not ideal.
Only one layer. So I can't seem to add anything that lasts the duration of the video once I've put in other items. So, I added stickers where I needed to blur something out, and then couldn't add a title card to cover the length of the video to act as a watermark. And then when you're working in that layer, you can't lock the items that are in the correct places, so they easily get moved around. Overall, I will not renew my paid option, and won't use past that point.It's a great app. It does all the video editing needs I need. I hate all these other softwares that are portrait mode only and only allow you to splice clips together. This is a full video editing package and it works! Triming multiple clips,, setting everything up on a timeline, it's all there. There're some problems though, like how the audio waves are out of sync with the audio you hear on playback, but this seems to have been fixed with the update Also, my exported files are far too big.


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