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Everything's good. just some suggestions to increase usability: 1. App should have a little pause before pronouncing, so the user can take the cellphone to his ear(from call speaker) also before the voice begins. 2. App should have the feature of showing the whole list of words from a deck once completed, so that we can find or revise something specific. 3. App should have a search option where we can search for any word and it opens its explanation and tells the deck that it belongs to.Great app! It gives you the convenience to learn new words and also master the words by repeating the words learnt. Having used it for only some few days, i'm impressed by the progress with my vocabulary build up. What i will appreciate is a test to assess the words learnt after each session.I absolutely recommend the content of this app for those who are about to take GRE, but to be honest the testing and UI of the app itself isn't that friendly and functional, I prefer to study these materials on something like Memrise or Anki which has lots to offer in case of options and games, BTW it has great study materials and I strongly recommend it for GRE takers.Best method to learn GRE words.
I find the approach used in the app very effective and unlike the approach other apps use. The app categorizes the words to three, learning, reviewing, and mastered. I have tried learning the words on my own without the app but this is by far better. Cons: I wish there was a way to see the list of words after mastering them. That would make reviewing them a lot easier.This app is great for reviewing words while studying for a verbal oriented aptitude test that demands testtakers to have a high level vocabulary. This app in conjunction with the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder aids in preparation for a multitude of tests. I would definitely recommend this app to all of my friends since it is very rare that a free service can be this beneficial, app works as advertised and you can use it offline as well.A list the size of 1000 is pretty solid for a start to preparing/training for GRE. The learn->review->master ladder is pretty sleek. It does really help enable building vocabulary kind of fun too. I am thoroughly enjoying the app. Great job! Few features I can think of for an update would be, to add to the existing list of words "further study" links to good dictionaries like Meriam Webster and allowing learners to add their personal lists separately with the content they find useful.I definitely recommend this app to anyone studying the GRE. Magoosh has painstakingly selected most tested words. we all know that English words can have multiple meaning which makes it hard for one to know which one to focus on, this has been taken care of. What more is that studying with the app will help you eliminate false mastery as you do not know the next word that will show up. you also get to keep learning or reviewing the ones you do not know until you have mastered it. I love this app particularly for providing contextual use of the words with instances that will actually help one to commit the words to memory. Magoosh also understood that test takers are always hard on themselves, so they throw in examples that will force that laugh out of your stern face. That said, i think one improvement which is , allowing users to go back and review words that they had difficulty learning after mastery, is highly needed. . For instance, i have mastered the first deck of 50words since last months, but l know there are words i want to look over again, but when i click on the deck, there's no way i could select those words that I want to see. Overall is a good app and 100% free


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