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First of all guy's before I just start poking button's. Is that a simulation and training application. Or is that a live financial stock analysis with buy and sell options or exchange rates for cashier's. I guess what I'm asking is that Reality or just in the development stages? Please let me know k. And I'll be happy to rate the app. But first things first is that real pulled up data.the only thing I will like to see in a future update is the ability to swipe left or right a vertical line in which you can see the exact price of an exact day it was valued, like the website. I understand this was just launched 1 or 2 days but this is for future reference. Also, make a type of Widget to better track the market, like The Crypto App. Change that, and I will update this review to 5 stars.For just in its early stages this a very impressive app. The design looks outstanding and the development is equally on point as well. I've had zero errors, glitches, lag, battery issues or related. The UX is easy to navigate and sensible. Could use some more advanced analytics for seasoned traders, but it's perfect as is for beginners. I'm hoping to see exchange and wallet API in the near future... Much more to say. Can I haz beta/alpha plz? Would be happy to bug test and report as a tester. in simple words i was eagerly waiting for this app so that i can download it and now the much awaited app is available and i freaking loving it. Thank You CoinMarketCap team for making this awesome app, running very smoothly without any kind of issues, Thank You once more from me to the amazing team of CoinMarketCap, you guys are the BEST.Loads quick and is very snappy, much less bloated than delta or blockfolio, which is what I'm looking for. Keep the app fast and efficient, this is how you compete against the aforementioned. My only complaints are the lack of portfolio metrics and the advertisements; maybe both can be resolved with a paid version. Also, the btc chart should automatically uncheck "btc", as btc/btc is just a straight line 😜 Edit: by portfolio metrics I mean similar to Delta, charting portfolio value over time

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