I am running out of AI ideas...

in #technologylast year

It's extremely stressful to be in a fast evolving field. I am constantly feeling under pressure to work on cutting-edge technology. Maybe you are also feeling like this, maybe you think this idea makes no sense.

Everyone wants to build the next billion dollar idea. I honestly don't. However, I dream about building my own thing. It could be my company, it could just be my brand. Something that identifies me. I think it also has to do with the fact that by doing something meaningful, I will become less meaningless. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I come up with ideas all the time. I am constantly thinking about building new technology. I think the main problem is the execution time or the resources. Well, resources us basically myself and not a huge budget to support the ideas. The problem is that the ideas don't become product, I guess.

I've been thinking about getting more into developing dApps, building apps with ML integration (product specific) - or just simply something cool with no AI in it. The dApps is at very green stage, I honestly don't know where to start. Then when trying to develop something with ML I always get into the same bucle of - how can I productize something like that and then to do just a software app then you need the best idea.

I don't usually get many if you writing comments about AI ideas. I wanted to post today not do much about the ones I have but to leave this post as an open place for you to tell me about which AI ideas have you thought about lately! Let's have a conversation...



its impossible to become less meaningless! haha. Or more meaningless I suppose..... concern about meaning is a very human dream that hopefully AI will never have to be tortured with :p

I for one am loving generative NFTs at the moment, so if AI can be involved in the process that is even more exciting. AI working in combination with human artists has definitely been producing some next level imagery, and I think everyone is keen to see and collect the early works of AI artistry. Especially now that they can be cryptographically certified!
Me and a very talented pianist friend were talking about the exciting realm of generative music. Trying to work out how to create a workable system for this is pretty intense and a bit limiting, but with the introduction of AI aspects, it could be astounding, subtle, complex and potentially deeply alien without being impossible to listen to.