ADSactly Kids/Teens Corner: Theory: Humans Curiosity For Technology

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A teenagers theory of the future ...

Technology is taking over the human race, our curiosity with technology is for ever-expanding. In the last 200 years, we have evolved 8 times faster than before.

We are getting closer to new discoveries, new products that help us with everyday tasks. In the near future, we won't need to do anything because the technology that we create will be doing it for us.

For example, we already have robots making our cars, clothes, and machinery that's evolving to help us harvest our food. But what happens when us humans take that curiosity for technology further, to do even more uses.

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What happens to the economy?

What happens to manual labor? People's jobs will be lost. What happens when that small curiosity reaches its limits and is the cause of society and the human race's death.

In history, it is shown that it has happened to the ancient Egyptians. They were humans that were so far evolved but then one day their empire was destroyed. It could also be said about the Mayans and Atlantis. Many far evolved humans, their period just disappeared; wiped from the face of the earth, only some structure they built still stand. What happens if that happens to us? What happens if we don't learn from the people before us their mistakes. History could repeat and take us down with it.

Our curiosity and we want to evolve may be the end of us.

Have you looked around? Our curiosity and want to evolve has gotten us to the point where we are destroying our planet. We cut down rain-forests with our machinery, we mine the earth dry of minerals and ores to create more technology, we dump our waste into water destroying the vast marine ecosystems; we build boats that spew oil in the ocean.

What else will we destroy to progress in our world, what technology will we create to destroy more lives and ecosystems?

Will we ever find the end of our curiosity to see how far we can destroy our planet.

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By One Of Mamahen's chicks

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