Logitech C920 Review, Finally.

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I already made an unboxing video, but I finally got round to making a proper video and audio test of the Logitech C920 Full HD (1080P) webcam.

Already, the unboxing video is racing to the top in terms of views on my YT channel. With that, I'm getting private messages of people asking me to do a video on the actual use, and if I still recommend it after so many years.

Yes, it's a pretty old webcam now (in gadget age), and there are very many new versions and alternatives. At around £25 though, the answer is not obvious.


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🛒 US: https://amzn.to/2XNex9a
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I don’t wanna trivialize yer thoughts on the cam.... but I dig yer shirt.

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Hahaha. Dude! it's been a while.

Well if I might ask, are there addition features to these webcams. that might make me buy it for that much? If not isn't it better to buy more advanced ones? It's a look piece of tool though and well I just subscribed to your channel.

They connect to a computer via USB, so you need a computer to use them. They don't work by themselves like stand-alone cameras.

Thanks for the sub. Much appreciated ☀️

Definitely, you're welcome, I've been really not too stable these days but I guess I'll check your other YouTube videos via steem.


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