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Canon M50

One Camera One Lens

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I've now sold my Sony cameras and a whole bunch of my film cameras. There are still some waiting to be sold, but most of the good ones are gone now. I moved them fast at a good price just so they get bought before I changed my mind.

Apart from trying to be a minimalist, I know that having fewer choices actually boosts productivity, and I tell you, I can already see the results. Since deciding to use the Canon M50 for both video and photography, I've been creating more content than usual.

The time and mental energy expended trying to make a decision which camera and lens to use has been taken away now. I'm stuck with either this camera, or my iPhone (with which I took this photo above).

I purchased "the best native lens" for this camera, the 22mm f2, which I've absolutely fallen in love with since getting it. I bought it second-hand from someone who had taken very good care of it. That saved me a ton of money.

The lens isn't actually that good. Rather, it's the only choice at that focal length without using an adapter which makes the setup a lot bigger and defeats the purpose of having such a small portable camera.

I do have an adaptor for it though, and some of my Canon film lenses like the 50mm and 24mm that I used before buying this "pancake" lens. I will be bringing though out on special occasions - such as photographing people, but my daily content creation doesn't require them. This small 22mm beauty is good enough for all that.

Not having to change lenses frequently, and having a capable little lens for video and photography makes such big difference. Now I just grab it and go. I've also gotten rid of the focusing sound in my videos and have to do less post processing to try masking the sounds.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the firmware that will turn on the webcam functionality in this camera. At that point I'll put my current webcam, the Logitech C920 on the market. It is very true when they say sometimes "less is more".

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Having too many options can make you less productive. Looks like this one is working well for you. I know some of this gear can be really expensive, but how you use it is a major factor in the results. Have fun with it.

It's really true. Creativity via limitation.

I got an EOS-R a couple of months back with the adapter which allows you to use all of your old EF lenses. I also went ahead and got the only native lens that I could afford, the 35mm.

To be honest though, I have never taken it off the camera! It has been extremely versatile. I can never go back after using mirrorless.

That EOS-R is a beast! If I photographed professionally, I'd definitely get that. Shame about Canon's 3 lens systems though. It would have been great for the EF lenses to just work on the R natively since they worked on the 35mm film EOS Cameras no problem. I get that it's a tech thing though, something about focusing distance to the censor etc...

Yes also that 35mm is perfect. My 22mm lens on the 1.6 crop is effectively a 35mm too, which is why I don't really need any other lens for 99% of the time.

I know, right? I find it bizarre that they went with 3... 2 maybe but why do yet another line up for mirrorless cameras?

I must say though, I really like the RF lens that I have. It feels and performs very premium. The focus ring is very smooth (auto focus is very fast and accurate, as well as quite quiet) and the control ring has a very satisfying click as you rotate it. I haven't the control ring feature much yet, so the jury is out on rather or not it will be useful to me. We shall see!

I'd love to get the 24-105RF, but it's $1000, which I can't justify at the moment. I bet it is built even better than the one that I have, being that it is an L series. In fact, I think all of them are L series except the 35.

That EOS-R is a beast! If I photographed professionally, I'd definitely get that.

Trust me, I only was able to get it because I needed to spend some cash for tax purposes, and I do use a camera for my work, so win win!

EDIT: Oh, looks like they've added some more non L lenses to the RF lineup since I bought it. I'll have to have a look around!

Excited for you! Having a camera that spikes creativity and focusing on mastering that one camera and focal length will take you far <3 Will drool on the results for sure :-)

Hey!! Hope you're well, it's been a while.

Yes I agree. Maybe I'll get some epic quiet covid street stuff :)

Hehehe - yes, I'm fine, made some big decisions about my life and working hard on them <3

Would be cool to see you do some sort of dystopian video of London actually :D