Why we feel loneliness in this modern era.?

in technology •  8 months ago 

I saw a post on the Facebook "you can fly from any airport of the World without updating your status on the social media". I agree with the statement as it is 100% true. we are so involved in the social media that we can't live without it. check out your routine you know that when you wake up on your daily routine what's the first thing you do..? Check out your emails then your notifications from different social media apps. when you are waiting for a bus at the bus station you didn't talk with the person who is standing with you instead of this you are scrolling your mobile screen. When there is some accident occurred you did not help the people instead of this you started to record a video. I saw a very disappointing thing in the new generation that whenever they saw a beautiful thing they didn't enjoy but they started to record it so that when they want to remember that moment they'll see these videos. I experienced that the most beautiful thing in the world is recalling your past but in memories not in the video or something else. Use social media but didn't involve in it so much that it may become a part of your life and you are losing your relatives due to this. people made it for good purpose and we have to use it for a good purpose. Take some time for yourself that how much time you are spending on social than with the human being.....?

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