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RE: Was this post WRITTEN BY MACHINE? New Harvard AI Can Recognize That

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"I think this works best for English language, no?"

Interesting point. I'd venture a guess that it's largely independent of the particular language. I'd think if you trained it with a made up language it would still work too. I'd bet it was tested mostly in English however, and that the juiciest cherries picked were made in English.

All wild speculation on my part though ;)


I tried Filipino language and it tries to group letters that makes sense in English. It would probably take a longer time to be used for other languages.

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Of course. I was thinking of the general case. Like I'm sure this one was made in English, but I thought the 'this' in "I think this works best for English language, no?" was the technique not this particular implementation.

All fascinating stuff. I think this leads up to AI that not only try to fool humans, but also other AI into thinking they're human.