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Wow, just wow.

I always have problems with lighting when filming indoor, or at night. Camera flash never answers my needs, neither does the phone flash. I just tried filming when the natural light is good but lately, since I started an ASMR channel, I always have problems with lighting as I need to film in a certain spot at a certain time of the day so, not many of choices.

I saw people have set up an actual studio in their house with a big studio light and a wallpaper. I'm just not there yet. Also, I move around a lot, those biggies wouldn't fit my lifestyle so I tried searching for something portable.


TaoTronics Camera Light ($42)

There are quite a few brands offer pretty much the same kind of products with same functions. All have their own pros and cons. I have done a bit of research and browse around for a while before going for this portable mini on-camera led light, 'TaoTronics Camera Light'

Why did I choose this one out of hundreds of products?

  • It's very small and thin
  • It has 112 pieces led light (super bright)
  • 2 tones: Cool & Warm
  • 3 brightness levels
  • Comes with a nice travel bag
  • There are lights showing battery level
  • Easy to use
  • 4000mAh Rechargeable Battery **Some as small as 1500mAh so this one is pretty decent
  • Affordable **Some cost the same and they comes with way less pieces of led





I gave it a try yesterday when it's arrived by Amazon 1-day shipping (I think our world is so wild this day. 1-day shipping can you imagine!!!?). It's so easy to set up. You can either screw in on a tripod or use the cold shoe they provide to attach it on top of a camera.

3 button to switch lighting to warm/cool and also adjust the 3 levels of brightness. Super duper easy to learn how to use and it literally changes the game!!


Screen Shot 25630810 at 15.22.23.png

Screen Shot 25630810 at 15.22.33.png

I'm loving this TaoTronics Camera Light

If you create content youself, give it a go!


Yes.. these are good.. or you can even use ring light.. gives different kelvin options which means tones can differ.. u get it at different prices too.. Spreads light equally and u can filter the harshness..

For background, use a nice blanket.. saves a lot of money.. since u sit down and do the videos, just connect the blanket to 2 chairs and clip it.. cheap n best solution..

the blanket tho, I don't even have one to use at night T^T hahaha Thanks Varun for all the tipsss

oh.. get one!!

It looks so pretty bright as well as possible. I will definitely tell and show my husband is kind of like in a sauce for his vlogging activities. Thanks @waybeyondpadthai

Please do. Totally worth a purchase!

Looks very convenient and easy to use a great find 👍


Need to check with MBK here in Thailand might get a deal.