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RE: HP Gaming Keyboard and Mouse GK 1100 [ENG/ESP]

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Nice review!
I'be been in the market for a new keyboard and mouse. I need one thats a little more ergonomic. Since my hands and wrists are getting old these days, lol. Sitting in front of the computer 8+ hours a day for work and then sometimes doing another 8 hours of "me time" on the computer is starting to take it's toll. Dont want to end up Carpal tunnel.
I've never been interested in backlit keyboards, much less than LED's. But I had one on a Thinkpad and miss it a lot. Seeing this post has got me wanting the full LED experience, LOL.
It looks nice!


I understand, well this model is comfortable although I can tell you that the mouse is usually a little uncomfortable after a long time using it, but the keyboard is suitable for what you want. Greetings and I hope you find a good keyboard and mouse.

Got one gonna be here on Monday. Hopefully wont have to send it back.
It's Adesso AKB450UB. Has a track pad bulit into it. So hopefully it works. I'm begining to get more keyboard centric with work. So the least I have to move my upper arm the better it feels. But there times that you just have to use a mouse. Lol.