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RE: Phone Review - Samsung A20 - Great Piece of Inexspensive Kit.

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Seems like good value. A lot of the cheaper smart phones aren't up to much. Bought a HTC for that price before and it was a slow piece of crap. I normally get the galaxy note for a long time and switched to a Huawei this time for the price. Its good and got it free but its on contract.


I've been considering a Huawei, I've read so many great things I've heard the cameras are phenomenal. They also come with a lot of storage space. The Huawei phone I was looking at had all the features I wanted. That is definitely a consideration when I decide to upgrade.

My HTC phone was a disappointment also. I forget what model I bought, but it was in the under $200 range and I had a similar experience. Just super slow, and really only able to handle the most basic tasks. I managed to get a year or so out of it, but wasn't happy with it at all.

The A20 is probably the best phone I've ever bought under $200. It's been pretty impressive so far.