Spending valuable and funny family time with B612

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Since now we are on our recovery movement control order which was announced by the government days ago, we are still required to stay indoors if there are no urgent matters outside. Children are not advised to go to any crowded place especially malls. Hence, it is still the perfect time to spend time with them.


It' my first time using a camera photo editor known as B612. Honestly, it was on my phone because my daughter installed it there. Upon using the apps, I found that it was pretty cool photo editor apps. It has tonnes of unique features such as stickers. There are other more features which I yet use. I will take some time exploring other features later.

We had fun, laugh and crazy time using this app!

I think I had stomach cramps for laughing too much! It was hilarious! I never imagined Augmented Reality feature can be this so much giggle.


The face swaps got all of us laughing!


Even my wifey forgot to stop laughing!


There other tonnes of the photo we took while laughing at the same time. This camera apps will definitely a keeper and will be on my phone for a long time.

Above all, I am thankful for the movement control order which allowed me to spend valuable time with my family.

Here's another crazy photo of us!



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