My kind of Father's Day preparation

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With father's day fast approaching, I'm sure everyone is planning to celebrate their dear dad since it is a special day marked as Happy Father's Day. Of course, I do too.

However, apart from just planning a simple cake and simple dinner, my usual kind of Father's Day may differ from others.


Nope that's not a trading graph. That's the Admob report.

Every once in a while, I will be looking at these reports to see how well my apps are doing. Usually, the most fun time to make analytical thinking is when making a seasonal app. Thus, the coming Happy Father's Day is one of the seasonal events which apps developer can make a little profit out of it.


Big market opportunity and fierce competition

Competing in the apps development market is really fierce. There are those big companies who always sits on top of the 10 best downloadable apps. Being a one-man developer is really challenging with the current market. However, it is, one good thing I like about apps market is the fact that you always get to eat a portion of the sliced cake. The question of how big the sliced cake depends on your hard work and creativity.

Develop fast, grab market quick
To make quick money, developing apps real fast is the essence of competing in the market. The market can move real fast. Hence, it's about doing it fast and put it on display quickly. This coming Father's Day is a great opportunity to fish some bucks!

But hey, I'm not here to talk about the apps market and apps development. Otherwise, it could take a really long post. Let me take you back to the focus of this post and that is my preparation for the coming Father's day. (Well, in case you are interested in the apps development, I am keen to share)

That said, this is how I am preparing for the coming Father's day. How are your plans for this coming Father's day?


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