Going from a group of unknown people -> to a strong team of better developers

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A dedicated team, can bring success to your company. When you are a developer, if you start a new job, in a hostile environment, it will be very difficult for you and without any doubt you cannot bring your best into a such environment.

Project Collaboration, Team Collaboration and any form collaboration is required a plan, when all the members of the team, project coordinate with each other, working for the benefit of the team.

From this there are some concept deriving:

  1. Team strength
  2. Define Core Values for the team
  3. Collaboration the first factor for the project delivery according deadlines
  4. Happy Team, great environment to work
  5. Project Flexibility

Going from a group of unknown people to a strong team of developers, can define the chances of success for any software company


Photo by Hello I'm Nik 🍌 on Unsplash
There are some lessons that Project Managers, Project Owners, Team leaders. CTO and CEO should take in consideration when trying to build the best development team.

  1. Happy developers are more efficient
  2. Your project success depends on team collaboration

How to build a strong team

  • No pressure on the team
  • Flexing working hours
  • Support the team with all the necessary tools
  • Keep them happy
  • Introduce games
  • Motivate your team
  • Lead by Example

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